Apr. 5th, 2011

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OMG I'm home and I don't have to go ANYWHERE for ages. This is so good.

Vacation was lovely, but unfortunately timed. I got back to work and had 3 days to get to grips with everything that happened in my absence and spend a serious chunk of taxpayers' money in preparation for the fiscal year end. Oh, and prepare for a massive 3-day conference on child development in Montreal. Which was fascinating but quite overwhelming and meant I had been on 6 airplanes in 15 days which is... OK, not a lot by some standards, but a lot for me, even when 2 of them are Porter.

The conference also put me in kind of a weird headspace. Something about being back in Montreal 20 years after I first went there to go to school, and being surrounded by brilliant people and eager grad students and undergrads, and learning about child development kept leading me to thoughts about What Might Have Been. (Also they have pulled down the Old Dublin, one of my student hangouts, and are building a condo in its place. *sob*) Not, you understand, that I ever particularly wanted to be a grad student; I think it's more that I'd like to be passionate enough about something to want to devote years of my life to it, y'know? And there are a lot of things I'd like the opportunity do differently, in hindsight. Ah well.

We should also not discount the fact that I was pretty exhausted and overwhelmed and probably jetlagged (see above) the whole time, which likely did not help.

But it's good to be back.


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