Jun. 19th, 2011

electricland: (Blue in snow)
The neighbours' cat is fine, thank goodness.

My dog's one virtue as an attempted cat-murderer is his inefficiency -- he seems to have no idea how to go about it, beyond terrifying speed and a lot of growling. I do not wish him to improve, terrier heritage be damned. His predecessor, Brandy, killed to my knowledge one woodchuck (I think? some midsize rodent, anyway) and one sick raccoon. She was alarmingly good at it. Luckily she never had much chance to go after cats, or possibly we discouraged her enough as a puppy. Blue seems to hate cats with a fiery passion and this is the third he's gotten scarily close to in as many weeks.

I need to get him a harness for walks (anyone have any suggestions for good brands?) and not let him through the back gate, ever. What happened was a friend returned Jen's car while Blue and I were in the back yard assembling the new barbecue* so I opened the gate to say Hi and get the key. I didn't spot the cat, who only goes out on a leash as she is minus her front claws; I think she was behind a bush. Blue had no such problems and the next thing I knew was in the bush growling ferociously; canine-feline free-for-all ensued, I completely failed to catch him, cat slipped her collar and ran for the door, door was closed, cat ran the other way and up onto a neighbour's garage. I hoped this meant she wasn't seriously injured but couldn't actually tell. Blue spent the rest of the evening and this morning in disgrace and I spent them fretting.

Anyway, went over this evening with some kitty treats and a catnip duckling/octopus thingy and a card (strangely nobody seems to make a "sorry my dog tried to eat your cat" card, although you'd think that would be a popular item in areas like mine) and learned the cat is fine. Neighbour does not appear to bear a grudge, which is kind, because: awkward.

How are you all?

*New barbecue yay!


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