Sep. 15th, 2011

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My uncle John is going above and beyond the call of family duty this week by looking after THREE dogs: Tilde (9-year-old miniature long-haired Dachshund), Blue (5-year-old Airedale, pictured), and Molly (8-month-old German Shepherd, very sweet & very rambunctious). I'll let him tell it:

Not the Finest Day in the History of the John G Puppy Palaceā€¦

You know, mostly they're pretty good. Then there are days like this.

In short form, I go out shopping, Rogers technician comes, checks outdoor connections, leaves back gate open. I come back to front of house, let dogs out the back. I put groceries away, and leave 3 lb filet for beef Wellington to drain in the kitchen sink. Notice it is quieter than usual, then hear Tilde and Molly barking out front. Bring them in, and call for Blue. No luck, so I go around the corner to the Vet, where Blue has just arrived -- good thing he likes the place so much, and even better that they are so nice about his frequent visits. Back home with Blue, close the gate, and go in to find Molly in the living room, chowing down on the filet. Clean up, make sure nothing else they are likely to eat is in range, and go out for another filet. Come back to find I had underestimated Blue's appetite for grains: an empty granola box is lying in the hall.

Tilde says she doesn't know who these creatures are, or where they came from.

Now I'm going out for a nice, peaceful walk down by the lake.

Love, John

If that's not noble I don't know what is.

I'm impressed that Blue has started going to the vet on his own when he gets out. Normally he makes friends with some kind person who either takes him there (or if they have read one of the other tags on his collar, calls the 1-800 number that connects them with me). I occasionally get calls that start "Are you looking for Blue?" -- generally when I'm at work, and so must reply "I didn't think I was." It's lucky we live in a dog-friendly neighbourhood.


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