Sep. 22nd, 2011

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It could be awesome. Or the motion-capture could make it really creepy. I just watched the trailer and am no closer to deciding. As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I am concerned about Snowy/Milou though.

@electricland Passer-by, seeing my dog: "He's like a big version of a Tintin dog!" Perfectly true.
@electricland Am in a position to state w. authority that Hergé really knew his terriers.

(Seriously, if you live w/ a terrier and start reading the Tintin books, or rereading in my case, you spend a lot of time going "OMG my dog does that!")

Here's a close-up.

Pros: Posture good. Movement may be good, too soon to tell. Ears and big black nose quite true to life. Eyes: DEAR GOD TERRIFYING. Mouth: Too far from nose. That could be the real problem.

For comparison purposes, have a cute picture of my dog, who is bigger and a different colour but otherwise, well, a terrier, there is a reason terrier people aren't quite like other dog people:

Owly Images

See? The nose is very similar but the mouth is much closer to the nose and the overall effect, although I may be biased, is much nicer. (For example, the eyes are not filled with the light of hellfire. Well, usually.) Dear Tintin artists: I bet there are loads and loads of people who would have let you come and watch their wire-haired fox terriers for a day and take image reference.


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