Dec. 14th, 2011

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Listen here.

Here we have a second song from Thea Gilmore (she also kicked off this whole mad experiment). I realize it still lacks a week to midwinter, but I was more concerned with musical flow than calendar accuracy when I put this together. Sorry!

This review in Northern Sky gives a bit of the history of this song:

Considering herself a cynical person eleven months of the year, Thea reserves the right to be 'squishy' in December and confesses that she makes a special effort to celebrate it and so why not celebrate it with a themed album and tour? "I love Christmas, I'm a real Christmas freak so it sort of made sense; I had a song that I really wanted to put on an album and so it just made sense to explore ideas and themes of winter and just enjoy my feelings about it as well."

The song in question was Midwinter Toast, which was inspired by a comment made by the radio presenter Janice Long who had said to Thea "I'm so fed up of playing the same old shit on the radio at this time of year; why doesn't anyone write Christmas songs anymore?" Rising to the challenge, Thea went on to write Midwinter Toast but at the time, had nowhere really to put it, therefore it was never actually recorded.

Luckily, she went on to write a bunch more Christmas-and-winter songs and the result was Strange Communion. I for one am thankful, and I salute her Christmas enthusiasm.

Live video here (warning, sound quality is about what you'd expect of a cellphone video, but it's still good):

Cheers as well to the plaid flannel.

Get the full musical Advent calendar here. | What is this?
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Wow, y'all got chatty this afternoon! I like it!

(I have no idea why I like typing "y'all" so much. I'm not even American.)


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