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Listen here.

This lovely tale of a little prenatal miracle really appeals to me. We sang it for choir last year.

Mainly Norfolk says:

The Cherry Tree Carol is a ballad with the rare distinction of being both a Christmas carol and one of the Child Ballads (#54). The song itself is very old, reportedly being sung, in some form, at the Feast of Corpus Christi in the early 15th century. The versions eventually collected by Francis James Child are thought to be a combination of up to three separate carols that merged together through the centuries.


Waterson:Carthy recorded The Cherry Tree Carol for their 2006 album Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man. Martin Carthy commented in the album's sleeve notes:

The Apocryphal Gospels are full of all sorts of stories about the Christ Child; stories of miracles performed as a child, and, in the case of The Cherry Tree Carol, pre partum from the womb.

The first time I really became aware of Emmylou Harris, I was driving back to Montreal after a Christmas in Toronto. If you don't drive like a maniac but don't stop, it's about a 5-hour trip. The radio station I happened to be listening to played most of the tracks from Red Dirt Girl and I was blown away; I drove straight to my local music store and bought the CD before I even went home to my apartment.

Her Christmas album, Light of the Stable, was recommended to me several years ago by, of all sources, Real Simple. They were right.

Get the full musical Advent calendar here. | What is this?


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