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Last night was great! I got home later than planned, unfortunately sans Rockets (Canadian Rockets, not U.S. Rockets, although I forget the difference), to find Jen assembling a Mad Pumpkinheaded Contractor in lieu of jack-o-lantern -- we hadn't had time to carve a pumpkin, and the trick-or-treaters started showing up the moment she got home. So she put some candles in the window (we already had some genuine cobwebs), drew a face on the pumpkin, put him in a flannel shirt, gloves, and goggles, and then handed the shelling-out duties over to me while she went in search of construction hat, mask, and flashlight. We gave him a hedge-trimmer and a gas can for props. He was tremendously successful -- many kids commented on him.

Quite a few neighbours came by to introduce themselves, ask after the progress of the renovations, and comment on how brave we were to be doing Halloween in the midst of it all. The whole street, practically, was out on their front porches. Jen said it was much busier than her parents' normally is -- she figures it's because we have fewer stairs on our street -- but one of the neighbours said it was actually quieter than usual. Two girls came by collecting non-perishable food items for their school's food drive, which I thought was a great idea; I gave them a box of Kraft Dinner each but I unfortunately forgot to give them any candy! Oh dear.

My parents came by at eight to take us out to dinner at Spiaggia. Yum. I had minestrone followed by breaded red snapper with artichokes and olives and things, and then chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce and a candle. And then we came back to the house and did presents, and my parents had gone all out (it can be a little embarrassing, being an only child) so I now have Wintersmith to read on the weekend (wheee!) in addition to a couple of gardening books and several other books and a duvet set and high-tech merino socks and a hot pink thermal hoodie from MEC -- very cool! And Jen gave me a book repair kit, which is sorely needed (she said it was somewhat self-interested).

And we even have a bit of chocolate left over.

On with the workday.
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Zombies and creatures of the night, be warned! I have barricaded my journal against you!

Also, it's my birthday, which means I have special powers. Don't ask what kind. Remember -- special powers.
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My colleagues just surprised me with pie! And a card of one of our characters from the kids' site, with cake and FANGS! (And bats. And blood. I love it.)

They couldn't believe I was actually surprised, given the amount of noise they'd made getting ready. I'm very easy to fool, especially when my mind's on something else.

I also went over to the hospital -- it was awesome to see all the little trick-or-treaters in costume. Quite a few staff in costume too -- I wasn't the only one.

So far, an excellent birthday. (Although my shoes are shredding my feet again.) And thank you to everyone who's given me birthday wishes!
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Six years ago today, J and I were in Dublin (it's also her birthday).

That was such a great trip. We planned it in about half an hour on a hot afternoon in London, and it's still one of the best vacations I've had. In its honour, I'm wearing my Irish grandfather shirt. (And sandals, which were a less good idea.)


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