Jul. 5th, 2006 03:05 pm
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Also *phew*

My references say that I am right!

Which, you know, I wasn't really doubting, but there is always the
ever-present danger of gremlins creeping in and disrupting the
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Spent most of the day being scribe while a reviewer went through the
epilepsy site. Not especially taxing for me -- in fact I've been sitting
at her spare computer going through a month's worth of tables of contents
while she occasionally says "Are you sure about this?" So that's going
well. I did a word count and it comes to about 150,000 words, did I
mention? That seems like a respectable size.

My aunt reports:

Today for lunch we had crab quiche and salad.

On the weekend, John wired, Jen played hooky, Robin put insulation in the
ceiling, and Dave and Dan put boards under Jen's back room.

Today, "with great skill and agility," Dan, working by himself, put chip
board under Jen's back room. He did it by lying on his back and balancing
the sheets of wood on his feet.

Jen has determined that Stephenson will rent an orbital sander for $85 for
a weekend.

Jen's mattress and accoutrements have arrived.

Cheers all, Helen

Bill and Stuart are working on the third floor.
So, onward.
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Went by the house this morning to check out my window-seat-to-be. Assured
my dad I do want it that high and that wide. Dan and Dave complained that
it was too hot, and they were right, it was about 30°C -- not sure
what the deal is with the thermostat, but hopefully my uncle has the
manual. The parrot in this icon would be very happy.

I have my last set of script reviews for epilepsy! And the reviewer is
happy! Now I just have to incorporate all the changes. Piece of cake. This
is my favourite thing about editing -- when you get a chance to Make It
Better and actually succeed, it's a good feeling.

That is all, carry on.
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[From a chapter on corpus callosotomy in my big fat textbook o' epilepsy, a.k.a. The Treatment of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice, 3rd ed, pp. 1178-1179]

A disturbing complication known as alien hand syndrome has been reported. In this syndrome, poor cooperation or even antagonistic behavior between the left and right hand is noted. The verbally dominant hemisphere may express displeasure with the actions of the ipsilateral extremities. The phenomenon is usually short lived and is usually seen only in the immediate postoperative period; however, on rare occasions it may persist....
Is your non-dominant hemisphere plotting revolution? And how would you know?


Dec. 2nd, 2005 06:27 pm
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Zonisamide is not available in Canada. I've deleted the page.

(However, there are still way too many anti-epileptic drugs, especially ones starting with P and V.)

I am outta here! Way behind, but OTOH as ahead as I can reasonably expect. Happy weekend to all.
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There are way too many anti-epileptic drugs. And there are way, WAY too many benzodiazepines. And I wish I wasn't having to rewrite these many, many pages.

Someone has nominated me for the monthly most-frazzled-worker award, so I'm feeling guilty whenever I hit LJ (but rewriting is boooorrring!).

My aunt reports:

Today, Dan, John and I had for lunch left-over lasagne, and garlic bread.

Gill and Stuart are at The House working on the third floor windows.

John did wiring.

Dan worked on the ceiling party-wall channel, which he says should be done soon.

Dave is languishing in his bed of pain.

Cheers all, Helen
So I sent my love to the reciprocating saw.

Jen and Mike and I went over to Granny's apartment on Tuesday to mark the stuff we wanted on the inventory. It's lucky we're a small family -- the balance between "I don't want to be greedy" and "But I really want that!" was hard to maintain as it was. It was tiring (I swear, her one apartment EASILY has enough stuff to fill our going-to-be-three) and sometimes quite emotional and what I really want, of course, is for nothing to ever change and my grandparents to be just where they always were, in their house, with their things, drinking tea (or, depending on the time of day, rum and soda). But that's life for you, innit? Anyway, I bagged the two portraits of my mother.
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Things seem to be progressing... sort of. I need to check on whether my baseboard tiles have been laid. My aunt reports:

Today for lunch we had mussels and focaccia.

Stuart worked on the 3rd floor, but did not come for lunch.

Dan did clean-up and worked on greenboard in Jen's bathroom. John and Dan went to Rona and bought even more greenboard, screws and a sharp knife that John thinks is nifty.

Brian will be asked to put new hole in Jen's bathroom with very fancy saw that sets off the third floor fire alarm, which is an ionization thinggummy, which talks and, according to Dan, also juliennes, slices and dices.

John took two hours off this morning to accompany his lovely wife and Jane to the market, where we bought an ecstatic turkey.

Cheers all, Helen
I'm not sure how I feel about having a talking smoke alarm in my bedroom.

Met with one of the reviewers to decipher the remaining doctor-handwriting which had defeated me. We got most of it but even she couldn't figure it all out (she says she has learned to recognize certain patterns in the notes he sends her, but otherwise has just as hard a time with his writing as I do).

Met [livejournal.com profile] stilldeepwater for lunch. Bought a skinny crinkly purple scarf on the way back, because it's suddenly got cold out. This has helped.

The family has developed possibly the most complicated set of Thanksgiving travel plans ever. I suppose it's lucky we only have 2 cars available to us because otherwise it would be exponentially worse. But really.

Am having a hard time getting motivated for the Friday afternoon of a long weekend.
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my aunt reports:

Today for lunch Gill, Stuart, Dan, Mike, John and I had fajitas and brownies.

The heating consultant's report is ready and John will pick it up.

Stuart if finished the 3rd floor storage area and Gill is nobly scrapping the foam off the floor. Otherwise, Stuart is doing crapola.

Dan and John have been drilling many, many holes (John was trying to think of the Beatles' song) and Dan will run wires this afternoon.

Cheers all, Helen
Shocked and dismayed to learn that my dad is doing crapola, but no doubt there is a reason for it.

Indecipherable doctor-writing continues. Of course I can make out the unnecessary filler stuff just fine; it's the important stuff that's completely illegible. On the bright side, he really gave me very few comments (and a good thing too, considering how many versions this script has gone through).
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Today I am deciphering doctor-handwriting. Pray for me.

(Actually it's going surprisingly well so far. There's one comment that I can't make out for the life of me, however.)
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I've been incorporating edits in the script that was taking me forever last winter, and you know what? It's pretty good. Long, though. I can see why it took forever.

Also, the occasional comment of "Great section!" from the reviewer is making me all happy.

So, off for the [long] weekend. See you all Tuesday!
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Nothing much to report, except that there are still way too damn many things that can cause epilepsy. Way too many. Also, cousin J has been checking out houses again, and she found this gem -- that's right, it's completely gutted, they're not doing viewings because there is "trouble with the executors," and they want $299 K for it. Madness, I tell you!

In happier news, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] moonlightjoy! This is gonna be a great year for you!
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See? See? I CAN be productive at work when I try!

17 pages of epilepsy. 4,231 words. (OK, that includes references and section headings, but it's still pretty good, and there was hardly any straight-up cutting and pasting today.) And I finally wrote the gynaecology story. And I can even see the top of my desk. Planning works! It's amazing.

Great Novel Writing Adventure: less

*was that thunder, or just someone moving furniture upstairs? Bloody hell!*

*edit: Weather Network says "chance of thunder-showers", so I guess it's the former.*

Um, yeah. GNWA: much less productive, but words on paper, that's the main thing. (In a pretty journal, which is not the main thing, but is a consideration.) And it's somewhat craptastic so far, but hell, I haven't written fiction properly in 6 years, I have to get those muscles working properly.

Right, off to book club.


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