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I don't feel I quite got a proper weekend. Let's see...

Friday night: checked on the cat, walked home stopping for ice cream on the way. Jen and I stayed up until 12:30 pricing stuff for the yard sale.

Saturday morning: I have already detailed the raccoon invasion. Then we had the invasion of the yard sale early birds, which lasted longer and was more annoying. One woman showed up before we had put anything out at all, around 8 a.m., and hung around while we set up. Luckily Joanne showed up around the same time, with items for sale and baby Liam (not for sale, although we had offers), and went to get us breakfast and blessed coffee, which made it much easier to cope. There was nearly a fistfight over [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen's illustrated Passion of the Christ.

It was a hot, hot day. Luckily our neighbours to the south have a tree, whose shade we followed around. The candles we had out for sale were not so lucky; they melted. Stuff sold pretty briskly, especially in the morning, but it was a fairly gruelling day. (Many thanks to all who showed up to help or give moral support, including [livejournal.com profile] monkeycommando.) I broke my resolution to not acquire anything and took a skirt and a purse from Jen and two books and a figure of Lucy from [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen. (Would've been three books -- I spotted one I'd quite have liked when someone brought it to be priced. Ah well.)

Anyway, we did sell quite a lot (although not everything). Comics were very popular. (Some Guy: "This is the best yard sale EVER! Normally it's my girlfriend who loves yard sales!") Jen has wisely observed that you shouldn't put anything into a yard sale that you wouldn't otherwise give away, otherwise the avaricious instinct starts to get you.

Lucy is currently hanging out with Eowyn and Sam and Theoden and Boromir and the Tardis. My fandoms play well with others.

In the evening after we had more or less recovered I went to check on the cat (again) and buy ice cream (again). Jen went to see the latest Bourne movie (Supremacy? I can't keep them straight).

Sunday I finally tackled the job of cleaning up properly after the raccoon invasion, which for some reason involved buying more cleaning supplies. Jen prepared for a no-cook lunch with her aunt and uncle and cousins (I was detailed to go buy booze at the last minute). Delicious: two kinds of bread, four kinds of cheese, ham, turkey, salad, salmon mousse (which melted), green and red and yellow peppers, eggplant dip with pita, olives stuffed with almonds, cherries, strawberries, chocolate eclairs. I for one stuffed myself.

(I almost forgot -- we discovered the corpse of a squirrel next to the Hole. This helps explain the horrendous smell that's been wafting out of that area of the garden -- we thought it was raccoon poop. Jen's uncle Neil kindly disposed of it for us. In happier news I handed over a bunch of the dresses that hadn't sold and hopefully someone will make use of them.)

And then we collapsed in a heap and worked on a jigsaw and watched the first part of Death on the Nile, which is... leisurely.

Books read this week: Wings to the Kingdom. Young Avengers: Sidekicks. The Mirador. Died in the Wool. Book of Moons (reread). Tarragon Island. Magic or Madness.
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This weekend I:
  • went to choir practice
  • found a yarn store new to me just north of where the choir practice was (Bathurst south of St. Clair)
  • admired the store's budgie
  • bought some perfectly gorgeous rose cotton-silk blend yarn with which I will be making a sweater if I can get my tension sorted out and decipher the pattern (in the round, with short rows interspersed with increases for one's boobs; at least I don't need to worry about that part for a good, oh, foot or so)
  • since I had already started spending money, went to Joe's next to the big Loblaw's up there and bought a skirt and a dress and three tops and a set of pyjamas for $86.50 including tax
  • discovered that the new lampshades I bought at Ikea do in fact work perfectly well on my bedside lamps now that I've cut down the cardboard bit on the socket so that the bulb can make contact
  • banished the old floor lamp with the metal half-cylinder shade and the very harsh light to the yard sale pile in the basement
  • discovered what an incredible improvement that made to my bedroom, and wondered why I hadn't done it sooner
  • wondered where the other bedside lamp is
  • walked Bender (twice)
  • saw Fracture
  • stayed up way, way, way too late reading The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN
  • wore my new skirt
  • went to two family parties
  • played badminton with my small cousins
  • was urged to visit some other cousins while they're still in Malawi, which kind of makes sense
  • ate way, way, way too much
  • wondered where the weekend went
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Christmas has continued. Last night I went to my parents' for stockings and remaining Christmas prezzies. Despite stern instructions to the contrary, my dad had got LOTS of stocking stuff (as usual). So I have a tin of Vienna sausage and a tin of water chestnuts and two extremely goofy-looking anthropomorphic pens with koosh hair. And soap and stuff. In non-stocking presents, they gave me many tools (as mine were lost in the move from Montreal, grr) and some kitchen stuff and a... thing from Lee Valley that was promptly dubbed < Ah-nold > The Propagatah < /Ah-nold >. I don't think I'll be keeping that one, although I do appreciate my mother's confidence that I might be able to use such a thing.

And today there was a package from [livejournal.com profile] jenlev -- most exciting! Thank you so much! Actually, for all I know it's been waiting at the post office for ages, as Canada Post didn't see fit to tell me about it until they dropped a scary red Final Notice in the mailbox.

Christmas chez nous went very well -- we had brunch in Jen's dining room and presents in my living room, which nine people could actually get into thanks to the efforts of (1) my mother who came and helped me unpack four boxes of my grandmother's stuff on Saturday and (2) [livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl who came over and was a wrapping machine on Sunday. Both things were a little scary. The four boxes were, of course, professionally packed, so we ended up with more paper and bubble wrap than seemed altogether reasonable. But we also found all sorts of things that I'd forgotten I'd claimed from Granny's stuff. Some were things that I've been having nagging feelings that I need, or at least would really like, recently -- including a slotted spoon (which has vanished again for some reason), a nutmeg grater, and a set of Copco casserole dishes. Most exciting. Some are things that are just nice to have, like a little silver-plated jug that Granny used for hot water when serving tea, and that used to belong to my great-grandmother. I've been having quite the rush of memories. One of these days I'll start hanging pictures and then the nostalgia will really start.

And now, the resolution. I refreshed until I got one I liked (and that was grammatical):

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Learn how to dismantle land mines.

Get your resolution here.

Given that I'm meant to be working from home, I should probably start.
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So, um, hi. It's me. Still here. Thanksgiving weekend was great once it got started (which would be 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, as I had a class all day). Went up to the cottage, sat in the sun and read a lot, went for a gorgeous walk in the woods by myself. Did not contribute to Thanksgiving dinner beyond buying the turkey (it was a monster and, come to think of it, I didn't get any leftovers -- hmph). Although I did pick up some autumn leaves for the centrepiece.

I was sort of vaguely thinking that life would be calmer in the fall. It's not -- it's just a bit more regimented. As I explained to [livejournal.com profile] stilldeepwater yesterday, I currently have Veronica Mars on Tuesdays, Information Architecture course on Wednesdays, and choir on Thursdays. I also try to work, sleep, feed myself, buy groceries, exercise occasionally, and keep myself and my surroundings reasonably clean. In a really good week I manage to get one or two things done on the House. I'm having a little trouble staying motivated at work, but I'm doing OK -- better than I'm doing getting up in the morning, which is a challenge when it's overcast. A touch of SAD may be creeping in. At least I'm still managing to make myself coffee every day. (And I'm still sort of on top of my to-do list some of the time. All hail the power of the tiny notebook!)

At some point I also have to make those 10 Christmas ornaments. I got some books out of the library for inspiration, but haven't cracked them yet. Instead, I've managed to inundate myself with fiction (not that that's a BAD thing). My book policy changed, so anything I think will be a reasonably quick read I just ask to have sent to me right away. Which is cool but results in, um, 26 books out at last count. (Including Song of Unmaking, which I read in one sitting on Saturday -- well, not exactly, because I was outside and had to keep getting up to follow the sun around, but you know what I mean. I keep worrying about those covers though. I can't see her feet, and her clothes are so diaphanous that I worry her shoes match it and she'll get her toes stepped on. I'm having a hard time picturing Valeria in flowing white garments.) (Also Brave New World, which I may not finish -- I started skipping like mad, always a bad sign, and I think I've read enough to get the gist. I am bad, but life is short.)

I've also been going through a YA phase -- Maureen Johnson, Chris Crutcher, Meg Cabot. I don't think I read enough YA when I actually was a YA.

Work: slightly crazy, but I need the pressure, so it's all good.

House: continues, I need to spend some quality time with it. Jen's fridge is arriving tomorrow, finally. Shower continues temperamental. Overhead fan is installed. Washing machine still seems to be working. Updates have been fitful but I'll post them at some point. Housewarming II is November 18, for those of you in the neighbourhood.
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come hell or high water. At least, for a value of "week" that includes
"the coming weekend".

Entire family at the cottage this weekend -- my parents finishing up their
three weeks there, my aunt and uncle starting their two. On a practical
level, because my father went grocery shopping and my aunt brought up what
seemed like all the food in the house, this meant a ridiculously full
fridge. Getting anything into it was even more difficult than wiring those
stupid pot lights of mine. We dedicated an entire box that had once held
honeydew melons just to bread. We did eat very well, mind you. Now my
parents have come back to the city, bringing their share of the food with
them, so what was a pristine and minimalist fridge under my reign now
looks pretty much like the one up at the cottage. My dad does not believe
in buying small quantities of anything and is impossible to restrain by
normal methods; my mother and I occasionally gaze into the crisper drawer
saying things like "Why do we need eight red peppers?"

Anyway, it's lovely to have them back, of course, but... I've really kind
of enjoyed being on my own, and I would like to return to that state, and
the house is reasonably ready to move into, and I think it would be a good
idea if I just... did. So I'm gonna.

Weekend was good. Saturday the final pieces of the new dock arrived at
last. Sunday we had an onshore wind all day, which got a bit irritating,
although if we'd had the boats out it would've been great. I baked a
birthday cake and we went to a baby shower for one of my cousins. Monday
was gorgeous and sunny and calm, which meant Invasion of the Gin Palaces,
and we spent some time debating the best way to get rid of them. (That
sounds horrible and snobby, but having twenty big motor-cruisers moored in
front of your cottage, some of them literally twenty feet off your dock,
gets irritating. Not to mention the sea-doo that chugged very slowly past
all our cottages, inside the reeds, driver and passenger gazing at us with
interest. That is Rude. It's not like the lake doesn't remain ridiculously
shallow well offshore.) A potato gun, while tempting, would probably
invite some kind of firearms charge. I maintain that the best plan is to
train the seagulls to land on them.

The Queen in Winter improved steadily, and the last story (by Sarah
Monette) kicked ass. I read another small chunk of Ulysses. And
then my aunt lent me the new Jilly Cooper from the library, so that's what
I'm reading for the next little while. *glee*
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One day I shall burst my bud of calm, and blossom into hysteria.
Quite soon now, I imagine. Feeling very unmoored and rudderless and drifting helpless on the stream of Life. What a wonderful thing is metaphor. It's summer. I don't seem to do well when the structure of my life changes. Oh wait -- my life has no structure. Never mind. This too shall pass, I expect.
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So I went over to my aunt and uncle's last night just in time to be there when my uncle found that missing Ikea receipt in his office, exactly 1 day too late to do us any good.

We laughed a lot, once we'd pried Jen's fingers off his throat. OK, not really. But there was some indignant fist-shaking.
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Didn't want to, but I immolated myself on the altar of family duty for the evening. (Parents had a dinner party.) Actually was quite fun, and the food was good.

And I bought clothes: new jeans (my old pair finally split along the inner thighs, I gotta lose some weight), belt, 2 camisoles with built-in bra, sleeveless top with peacocks and sequins, 2 shirts, fleshtone bra. I think I put roughly as much on my Visa today as I put on it all last month. But at least there's colour in my wardrobe now.
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Floor guys are not coming Monday. They're coming Thursday. My mother, ever the voice of reason,* talked to John (they went to the dump together) and discovered that William has been stressing out somewhat over the pressure of getting everything done in time. Hence, Thursday.

Still don't know what people had for lunch yesterday though.

*We need one of those, because much as I love John and William they do have an element of cockeyed optimism about them which is perhaps not the most helpful thing in the world when you're trying to create a realistic project schedule. Also, she (as the Big Sister) has a certain moral authority that I (as the Niece) just lack.
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Cousin Jen and I saw Syriana this evening. It's... dense to the point of total opacity. Probably missing the first 5 minutes didn't help our understanding of the plot much, but I'm not sure how much difference it would actually have made. There were an awful lot of vaguely familiar-looking middle-aged white men in it as secondary characters; I recognized William Hurt and Chris Cooper, but failed to recognize Christopher Plummer, and don't think I knew any of the others. I also knew who Alexander Siddig was, although I kept losing track of his character's scummy little brother.

Ran into some other cousins at the theatre. (Observant readers may have noticed that I have a lot of cousins, mostly on my mother's side, or rather, I may have a ton on my father's side as well but I don't know them. No matter what the topic is, in my family we can usually chime in with "I have a cousin who...". Decline of the extended family? Not so much in these parts.)

Caught the lighting of the Olympic flame. I'm always so fond of the Olympics.

This is not as interesting a post as I thought it would be when I started.
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My dad continues to be anti-computer and, dare I say, proud of it. I fixed the can't-connect-to-the-Internet problem last night (turned the modem off and back on again) and sent his outgoing email, then attempted to field a series of questions that went roughly thus:

HIM: Well, why the hell does it do that?
ME: Um... I don't know... it... I just... look, it's fixed now, OK?
HIM: And why can you not see what you're sending before you send it?
ME: Huh?
(Some back and forth until I worked out he was talking about automatic line wrapping. Attempted to explain this feature.)
HIM: Well, why the hell does it do that? It's messing up my tables.
ME (thinking: um, WHY are you trying to create tables in an email?): Actually, if you want fancy formatting it's best to send it in an attachment.
HIM: Oh, sure, then whoever I send it to won't have the goddamn application to open it.
ME: Look, if they don't have Word by now there's no hope for them, OK?
HIM: All I want is to be able to send a letter. I know how to format letters. I learned 50 years ago on a manual typewriter, OK?
ME: O-kay. Whatever.

(Five minutes pass.)

HIM: And another thing. Why when you print the email does it not give you the date?
ME: Hmm... well, did you print the draft or the sent item?
HIM: I haven't DONE a draft until today.
ME: No, no, I mean did you print it before or after you sent it?
HIM: What goddamn difference does that make?
ME: See, until you send it, it counts as a draft, and it doesn't have a date stamp --
HIM (going downstairs with the recycling): That makes no sense. ALL I WANT is to see the DATE on my LETTER.
ME: But it doesn't HAVE a date until you --
HIM: I suppose Bill Gates knows better than I do what should be in a letter.
HIM: Oh, don't be like that.
ME: It's an EMAIL. It is not a LETTER, which means --
FRONT DOOR: *slams*
ME: *sighs and goes to bed*
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I'm not feeling very energetic this morning. I blame this on the Family
Birthday, which was last night (my late grandparents, my mother, my two
uncles and my aunt all have/had birthdays in January and February, so we
do a giant party for everyone). The menu:

Champagne, wine, etc.
Prosciutto and melon
Beef Wellington (made by my aunt) with roast potatoes, carrots, snow peas,
and cherry tomatoes on the side
Pear, walnut, and feta salad
Chocolate cherry cake (made by moi) with vanilla ice cream
Coffee for them as wanted it

Festivities started late and went later, including going through Granny's
jewellery and roughly sharing out the items each of us wanted (some of it
didn't suit any of us, alas -- notably the most valuable piece, which
we're selling, a diamond brooch that probably someone who is into that
kind of vintage jewellery will ADORE). Early on in the proceedings Tilde
got locked out and forgotten, but I found her at the bottom of a rather
tall step around the side of the house, squeaking. She was rather sucky
for the rest of the evening.

Spent most of the weekend prior to this over at my aunt and uncle's and/or
the house. Friday night, cousins' evening out at the Gull and Firkin.
Saturday, the House (me up a ladder shoving Safe 'n' Sound into Jen's
kitchen ceiling, Jen scraping goo off the floor -- quite companionable
really) followed by dinner chez la famille [livejournal.com profile] monkeycommando.
Baby is almost half as tall as his mother and very cute. I got to read the
bedtime story. Then drinks at Fitzy's with [livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl. Then
back to my aunt and uncle's and an hour or so of working on the extremely
addictive 2000-piece puzzle (the
picture is Raphael's "The School of Athens"
, a nice mix of regular and
irregular, also HUGE).

Also spent much of Saturday bitching about the truly evil weather, a
mixture of snow and rain in the morning followed by torrential rain most
of the afternoon and evening. Ugh.
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Side benefit of a late night and bed gravity keeping me out of the shower this morning: my hair was so filthy I decided to go get it cut at lunch just so I could have it washed. (Sorry, that's probably more than you wanted to know about my personal hygiene.) It looks great and I've had many compliments, except from my parents, who haven't noticed. So here's hoping it still looks great tomorrow.

Gave my dad an emergency Outlook tutorial last night. When I entered the room he had 3 instances of Outlook and about 20 message windows open and was complaining that things kept disappearing. Turned out he was minimizing the Outlook every time he wanted to close a message in the preview pane, and then wondering where it had gone. Suddenly these complaints make a lot more sense. I explained about the bold-with-blue-numbers indicating unread messages and he was indignant. Still, I feel we've made some progress with the parental Luddism.*

Choir good. New Mozart, not filthy this time. I have Thoughts on choir which I may share at a later date. It'll probably involve pontification, so don't look forward to it too much.

Last night's candidates meeting made the paper. There was a photo in the print edition. I don't think I was visible, but I'd only have been about 2 pixels high in any case.

*He claims it's not being a Luddite, as the Luddites smashed things because they worked. I say, if you can't bother to figure out how they work and then complain about it, isn't that just as bad? Although not, of course, to his face. Ah, parents.
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Left for book club (Adultery, Richard B. Wright; we all liked it, me more than Clara Callan; there were only three of us there, and Shannie gave Kelly and me fuzzy socks in token of our book-club diehardness -- we were the only three at the last meeting too) before my aunt sent this:

Yesterday for lunch, John and I swanned off for lunch with friends.

Ron and John the Ducts came early in the morning, sized up the situation, consulted with the designer and bought the duct, which is oval. John wired, Dan nailed strips, Stuart and Bill installed drywall on the third floor.

Last night, at the request of Ducts, John, Jen, Mike and I went over and cleared out the basement around the furnace, John set up lights, and then we had supper at Gabby's.*

Today, I went out to lunch with friends--got another assignment. Dan nailed. John disconnected fire alarms, installed thermostat for furnace, moved Ikea** from Jen's middle room, bought telephone wire and was very pleased to find three tapering-sized tape measures for $8.

Cheers all, Helen
*Incidentally, Monday was my aunt's birthday. I think it's quite noble to move boxes around on your birthday and then eat at Gabby's, which while pleasant enough is hardly gourmet cuisine.
**I swear to God, if we had had ANY IDEA the house would take this long we would NEVER have bought our kitchens so soon.

Am quite excited that we have a thermostat.

Went over to aunt & uncle's after book club and watched part of an episode of Hamish Macbeth and 1 episode of Chef! -- my contributions both, glad to see they're appreciated.

Not checking Lavalife tonight. Potential love of my life will need to wait. I guess that's where they got the name from.
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My aunt has been working this week and therefore has not been updating. I've been bereft. But here at last is the roundup for the week so far:

Hello all, the much-talked-about winter snow seems to be coming on.

Today for lunch, Dan, John and I had French onion soup, and fried ham and cheese sandwiches.

There has been a bit of a hiatus, as John is finishing up his term work at Centennial and I've had jobs.

On the weekend, Jen worked on stripping to floor air vents, which might a quite lovely brass. Robin worked on vapour barrier. Dan has also worked on vapour barrier. (How much vapour are we expecting, for Heaven's sake?!)*

Dan has been working on furring strips to look after the excess insulation, particularly on Jen's "goddamn bay window" on which there is no place to stood if you're working over your head.

John has successfully installed the halogen lights in Rob's pass-through; Dan found essential dimmer. And the boxes for the Rob kitchen ceiling lights have been installed.

The temperature in the house hovers at between 4 and 7 degrees Celsius.**

Cheers to all, Helen
*I'm thinking: a lot.
**Considering we haven't turned the furnace on yet and are running the place on electric heaters, that's really not bad...

Hm. It occurs to me that I am not seeing any reference to the tinbashers here. Troubling...

My mystery parcel turned up, and is close to home rather than in the wilds of Scarberia.

Last night we had the Distribution of the Stuff. (Granny's stuff, that is.) There was a lot of it and it took a while, even though we had separated out all the stuff that only one person wanted. I seem to have ended up with a lot of chairs. Seriously, a ton. Probably more chairs than a girl can reasonably want or use. And most of the china. Also some etchings -- I glommed onto a fair bit of art, partly because, well, I'm going to have a LOT of walls, and partly because it reminds me of Granny and Grandaddy, and partly because I like them (although in the end, I decided I don't have enough of a sentimental attachment to the weird orange-and-pink naked ladies to actually have them in my house). [livejournal.com profile] pariah_ink and I considered carefully and decided that in sober fact, neither of us wanted Moby Dick the sofa bed, and he has found a recently burned-out-of-house-and-home family that can use it, so that's good. So I am still sofaless (I think -- it's all a bit of a blur, frankly).

It was a bit weird and tiring. Took ages, too.
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So, Friday was my choir concert. More exactly, it was the end-of-term recital for the music school of which my choir is a part. This meant that we were the only adults performing; the other performers were an array of (mostly Asian) small children who were all OMGSOCUTE. Some of them could barely reach the piano keyboard, but they all did their thing -- not that I know much about it, but I thought their pieces were pretty well matched to age and ability, so you'd get one kid doing something very simple with only a couple of hesitations while the next whipped off a little flawless Bach. Which I guess is the point. (They were mostly piano students; we also had one violinist, one vocalist, and the children's choir.) Fun to watch; some were very happy to get up there and bow and do the stage-presence thing, and others sort of dashed back to the audience as soon as they reasonably could.

It was all pretty informal -- before it started our choir spent some time figuring out how to line up to get on and off stage in the right order, and there was a call for audience help moving the piano, and none of us was entirely certain where to sit. We were at St. George the Martyr Anglican Church, which is lovely and a wonderful place to sing. My parents and Jen came and enjoyed themselves very much (at least, they said they did). I think we did well; I spend so much time frantically trying to remember stuff like "OK, breathe like this, aim your voice here, shape the note like this" that it's always hard for me to notice how we're doing while actually in the midst, and it's over terribly fast. But it was fun, as it always is, and it was nice that it was SO relaxed and informal. (Especially compared to Wednesday night, when I did front-of-house for my mother's choir and about 700 people came and the choir alone has to be 200.)

Our program:
Aralo - trad. Georgian
Nana - trad. Georgian
Yedid Nefesh - trad. Jewish
Thula Kizio - trad. Zulu
When the Stars Fall - Stephen Hatfield (with a soloist who hadn't rehearsed with us, but who was incredible)
Shouting, Whispering Sea - Mark Patterson (I think)
Come, Let Us Sing - not sure who the composer is, but it's a fun song which we do with the children's choir (did I mention OMGSOCUTE?)

The rest of the weekend:
Friday night: dinner with parents (Peruvian restaurant); The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with [livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl, which made us both very happy (disclaimer: although I read and enjoyed the books as a child, they weren't and aren't favourites in the same way as, for example, the Swallows and Amazons books -- as a result I don't think I bring as many expectations to the movie as I might otherwise. I enjoyed it very much.)
Saturday: took the dog for a walk; started rereading Pride and Prejudice (necessary to reassure myself that it was still there); went over to the house and swept the floors and watched my new window being installed; got parents to drive me out to the wilds of Scarborough to pick up a package which, it turns out, Canada Post didn't leave at that postal outlet at all; dinner with parents (Swiss Chalet); home; bed.
Sunday: socialized a bit with hosts who have returned from frozen North; more Pride and Prejudice; house, vapour barrier (Jen scraped paint off our heat registers); walked over to aunt & uncle's house, meeting real estate agent along the way (he seems slightly horrified that we aren't living in the house yet); admired newly tidy basement and burgeoning Christmas decorations; copied down selections from posted Christmas wish lists; back home for dinner with Italian family who have been in Canada for 6 weeks and were very sweet but had varying amounts of English. Generally more than my Italian, though. My brain kept trying to default to French and then hauling out Spanish words. It's not like I speak Spanish. However, goodwill got us all through.

Christmas cards written: 1 (today at lunch). I had nearly given myself permission to slack off this year and everything.
Number of people for whom I have finished Christmas shopping: 2. I think. Sorta. It would be more, but I'm waiting for some deliveries.
Number of people for whom I am moderately stumped for a present: 2. Hey, that's not so bad.
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There are way too many anti-epileptic drugs. And there are way, WAY too many benzodiazepines. And I wish I wasn't having to rewrite these many, many pages.

Someone has nominated me for the monthly most-frazzled-worker award, so I'm feeling guilty whenever I hit LJ (but rewriting is boooorrring!).

My aunt reports:

Today, Dan, John and I had for lunch left-over lasagne, and garlic bread.

Gill and Stuart are at The House working on the third floor windows.

John did wiring.

Dan worked on the ceiling party-wall channel, which he says should be done soon.

Dave is languishing in his bed of pain.

Cheers all, Helen
So I sent my love to the reciprocating saw.

Jen and Mike and I went over to Granny's apartment on Tuesday to mark the stuff we wanted on the inventory. It's lucky we're a small family -- the balance between "I don't want to be greedy" and "But I really want that!" was hard to maintain as it was. It was tiring (I swear, her one apartment EASILY has enough stuff to fill our going-to-be-three) and sometimes quite emotional and what I really want, of course, is for nothing to ever change and my grandparents to be just where they always were, in their house, with their things, drinking tea (or, depending on the time of day, rum and soda). But that's life for you, innit? Anyway, I bagged the two portraits of my mother.
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hey, I was away, OK?

Yesterday for lunch, Dan, John and I went to Scratch Danial's. Today, John and I were in Barrie.*

Yesterday Dan and John worked on vapour barrier, and plastic plumbing. David and Dan did same today. They also did the pressure test--and it looks like it works!

John paid $50 to the next-door roofers to patch the vent pipe above Robin's bathroom. Roofers say the next door might be going to sell her house. John taught Dan how to do a McKnight park.**

*Where I gather miss Tilde was a tremendous hit with the nursing home residents.
**You drive on the kerb, but you rarely if ever have to reverse.

Monday was Granny's memorial service/celebration/whatsit. Great party -- they put photos of her at various stages in her life around the room (sadly, none of her skating or playing tennis available -- most odd) and my mum did a fantastic job with the eulogy. And tons of people came out and we reminisced like mad and drank rum and soda.
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Things seem to be progressing... sort of. I need to check on whether my baseboard tiles have been laid. My aunt reports:

Today for lunch we had mussels and focaccia.

Stuart worked on the 3rd floor, but did not come for lunch.

Dan did clean-up and worked on greenboard in Jen's bathroom. John and Dan went to Rona and bought even more greenboard, screws and a sharp knife that John thinks is nifty.

Brian will be asked to put new hole in Jen's bathroom with very fancy saw that sets off the third floor fire alarm, which is an ionization thinggummy, which talks and, according to Dan, also juliennes, slices and dices.

John took two hours off this morning to accompany his lovely wife and Jane to the market, where we bought an ecstatic turkey.

Cheers all, Helen
I'm not sure how I feel about having a talking smoke alarm in my bedroom.

Met with one of the reviewers to decipher the remaining doctor-handwriting which had defeated me. We got most of it but even she couldn't figure it all out (she says she has learned to recognize certain patterns in the notes he sends her, but otherwise has just as hard a time with his writing as I do).

Met [livejournal.com profile] stilldeepwater for lunch. Bought a skinny crinkly purple scarf on the way back, because it's suddenly got cold out. This has helped.

The family has developed possibly the most complicated set of Thanksgiving travel plans ever. I suppose it's lucky we only have 2 cars available to us because otherwise it would be exponentially worse. But really.

Am having a hard time getting motivated for the Friday afternoon of a long weekend.
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The ice-cream store did not burn down. It is one building away from the building that burnt, which is not looking so good, although a lot of the antiques actually look OK at a distance. Apparently a lot of other people were also worried, because the ice-cream store was packed. The girl who served my scoop of Bordeaux cherry chocolate in a sugar cone said the fire department didn't let them go into the building until 3 in the afternoon. The burnt-stuff stench is still pretty powerful.

I sat by the reflecting pool in front of City Hall to work on today's Sudoku, which I managed to screw up the first time (it was the 6s, not, as I had previously thought, the 3s and 7s, that did me in). A woman passing with a stroller said "I had to do today's over, too."

I spent most of yesterday helping our taxonomist (we have a taxonomist) create a card-sort test, and most of today working on our fall publication schedule, which has fallen to me. I confess that I am pleased about this, because I love to meddle and I never felt that the e-zine was being run entirely right, and people kept asking me about it anyway. Now it's mine, all mine!

I am unexpectedly going to a wedding in Ottawa, not this weekend but next. I will be going as proxy for my grandmother and parents, who are not going, but also because the bride and groom (another cousin -- told you I had a bunch) thought it was a pity they hadn't invited me. This has meant messing up the schedules of rather a lot of other people, but what the hell. I also need to call my Ottawa friends to see if they can get together and figure out what to wear. I'm at least moderately confident that, having bought three pairs in the last two weeks, I now have enough shoes for this operation.

My sinks and taps and things are ready. I forgot to call the guy back again today, although come to think of it he may still be there. I also called to see how the building permit was coming along, but haven't heard back yet.

I will not be moving this month, which gives me a golden opportunity to clean my apartment.

Veronica Mars is back on CTV Thursdays at 8 (and Sundays at 5), where she should be.

Life, she is pretty good.


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