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This weekend I bucked tradition and did not go up to the cottage with the rest of the family. Blue and I had a quiet weekend at home. (He has yet to see the cottage.) Almost too quiet. Saturday I went to the annual Beaches Garden Society sale (my uncle John was volunteering) and did what all the books say you should not do, i.e. wander around aimlessly without any kind of plan, saying "Oooh, that looks nice" and buying whatever caught my eye. I think I ended up with an OK selection despite this, and the prices were certainly right. It was a bit of a mixed bag, though. I spent the rest of the day creating a table listing plant name, height, spacing, colour, sunlight and moisture requirements, and anything else that seemed useful. Then I made another grid of height vs. sunlight requirements and put all my new purchases on it. Then I put the plants that are already in the garden on it, on the theory that if they've survived this long they're probably in OK conditions. Then I had a nap. Then I made a plan. Then I dithered for a while. I finally shoved the new plants in the ground yesterday -- we'll see how they do. Not one was over $7 and most of them were about $2.50, so I'm not too bothered.

Sunday I went to choir, an event remarkable in that I left Blue home alone with a voice recorder on (something I've been meaning to do for a while). I was gone almost 3 hours; there was a bout of intermittent howling for 10 or 12 minutes about 20 minutes after I left, and then complete silence. And he greeted me in complete silence without jumping up -- a minor miracle! He was wagging his entire body so that it was forming circles, and had a chewie in his mouth. It was extremely cute.

Monday I met [livejournal.com profile] pretentiousgit at Harbourfront for the Toronto International Circus Festival. An old acquaintance of mine, Seth Bloom -- we were kids together in Kenya, more than 20 years ago, and our parents have kept up and his parents now live in Rome -- was performing and I'd promised to come down. Very glad I did, as it was a great show. Was complaining that Harbourfront never seems to publicize its stuff very well -- does anyone else find that? Or is it just that I don't read the right papers? Anyway, it was great to catch up a little with Seth and meet his wife and fellow performer Christina. But it was COLD. [livejournal.com profile] pretentiousgit pointed out that it is not unknown for it to snow on Victoria Day weekend. But STILL.

The rest of the family came back from the cottage while I was out and kidnapped my dog, but they brought him back eventually. I bought groceries and Jen and I watched some Monarch of the Glen (season 2; we are going through in order).

Our Green Bin is in pitiful shape, i.e. barely bin-shaped at all. The raccoons got at it twice over the weekend.

I have much more work to do on the house, but all in all it was a decent weekend.
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Took Friday off and puttered. I got to the gym and gardened and made pesto but then basically ran out of steam and spent the afternoon doing Sudoku Mega. It was nice though.

Saw War on Friday evening, which was all right for what it was (nonsensical, ultraviolent, trying too hard with the twist-on-top-of-the-twist ending). Really wanted to watch Hot Fuzz again to see them doing lots and lots of paperwork.

Jen and Tilde and I went up to the cottage Saturday, where the weather grew progressively more glorious until it was time to leave. Typical. Read, canoed, ate corn on the cob. Made plans for the bookcase in my living room; my dad approves.

Monday we came down and stopped off at Bradford Greenhouses, where they were having a sale; bought some pots and some mums and some gerberas and some pansies (guaranteed to come up again in the spring, unless we put them in containers or get road salt on them) and a rosebush (April Moon) that actually has roses with scent and some perennials of which the only thing I can remember is a pink poppy. It's not really the time of year for planting perennials, but hey! sale! If they all die, no great loss.

Then we had dinner at Jen's parents' (scallops, fondue, lemon meringue pielets) and went for a last drink with [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen, who is presumably now in Dublin experiencing extreme homesickness. I'm pretty sure we'd have heard by now if she hadn't made it. (She's going to be away for eight months! Waaah!) We smuggled the small Tilde into the bar in Jen's tote bag; luckily we had a booth or we'd never have managed it.

Books read this week: Agnes and the Hitman (I am a slut for all things Crusie but this should not cause you to discount my opinion that this is a really, really fun book. Food! Sex! Assassins! A cast of thousands! The Wedding from Hell! Flamingos! What's not to love? Unless you don't love those things). Crystal Rain (suffered a bit, I thought, from a few too many points of view, but still well-written with a really neat setting and premise and it worked out in satisfying fashion at the end). So Yesterday (shades of Bellwether). Swing, Swing Together (shades of Three Men in a Boat, obviously, as every character is reading it, and therefore also of To Say Nothing of the Dog -- I swear I wasn't going for a Connie Willis tribute weekend, it's just that something else I was reading had an ad for that in the back and there it was up at the cottage so I started it).

Bought this week: the cutest shoes ever, which were on sale. And some other stuff; I continue to fill gaps in my wardrobe. Gotta stop spending, though, really...
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I also forgot to mention that while I was gone, the flowering maple and the pot of parsley in my kitchen wilted horrendously. (Did not discover this until this morning.) The basil, oddly enough, was fine, and the rosemary never lets on it's stressed until it's half dead anyway.

I watered everything and am hoping for the best. Bad windowbox gardener! bad! (Should probably have planted the flowering maple in any case, poor thing. If it survives perhaps I'll do so.)
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luckily, as it makes it easier to dig.

Saturday: Polaris (the former Toronto Trek). Spent most of the day in the media office eavesdropping on press conferences, but did venture out to say Hi to a couple of people and buy a talking Tardis piggy bank. I had to. Haven't put the batteries in yet, but that will come.

The Doubletree is not actually all that painful to get to by TTC; it takes a bit over an hour and is mostly long. I had books so that was OK. Also brought healthy snacks, as I've finally realized it is not essential to exist on junk food at a con.

Sunday: In the intervals between downpours, helped dig the Giant Freaking Hole in the back yard which will eventually be the stairs to the basement and the foundation of the new deck. Even granted that the hole is about 6' by 6' and 3 to 4 feet deep, I was surprised by the amount of stuff (sand, bricks, concrete chunks, stones, rusty pots) that came out of it. We were perturbed to discover that the house doesn't seem to be sitting on a concrete pad; the bricks just start. Still, it's lasted getting on for 100 years and hasn't shifted particularly, so it can't be all that bad. On one side of the hole is a pretty extensive layer of ash; we can't quite figure out what's going on there, possibly the remains of an ash pit or an outdoor oven. It was annoyingly crumbly.

Jen and John and I took it in turns to dig, heave buckets of sand out of the Giant Freaking Hole, and carry the buckets to the back of the garden and dump them out. That weed problem is pretty much gone now. We also need a few more dump runs -- haven't got rid of the remains of the shed yet -- and a scrap metal run and several trips to the Leslie Street Spit to get rid of the concrete and bricks. It's complicated.

Then I had a bath, because I was filthy. Lush's Butterfly bath ballistic is perfectly delightful and my bathtub is now full of sand.

I'm not as sore as I expected to be. Maybe tomorrow.

Books read this week: The Smartest Guys in the Room (horrifying, fascinating), Melusine (reread, awesome, can't wait for The Mirador).
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch, Dan, John and I had eggs Benedict and asparagus.
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ETA (Dec 21) notes on bulbs, from Dec 5 email:

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