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I have found my ideal bed.

Sadly, it costs over $5000, so... that won't be happening, unless I win the lottery, which isn't likely as I don't play the lottery.

This one is also lovely, and at only $2000 looks like a bargain by comparison. Still. No.

Maybe I can fake one of them somehow? Must ponder this.

(My house is still very unfinished, and I thought it would be a good idea to go hunting for things I like the look of. Sadly this appears to have backfired on me. Well, at least I can lead a rich fantasy life.)
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but particularly [livejournal.com profile] nellisir: We need to put in baseboards. We ripped everything out of the house as part of gutting it; we do have a few of the old baseboards, which are 8" high, but they are covered in the paint of ages and frequently full of holes.

I took a one-day course in trim carpentry last year, which was helpful, but I've forgotten (if I ever knew) the answer to the most important question: What material to use?

I'm probably too cheap and have too many walls to spring for hardwood (and we plan to paint the baseboards in any case). That seems to leave pine or MDF. MDF seems simpler to work with, especially for cope joints, but how does it stand up to use? Am I going to regret installing the stuff 5 years from now? Help!
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Apparently the source of my fruit fly infestation is the bag of forgotten, melty potatoes under the sink.


I really need to develop a better housekeeping system. Whining that it's not my fault because we always had cleaners while I was growing up is not cutting it (and also makes me feel like an over-entitled princess, which I don't think I am, mostly).
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Last night I went to the wilds of Yorkdale Mall. It's much swisher than I remember!

I went to Indigo for the Q&A with Scott Westerfeld -- lots of fun and very well attended. Did not Q, or indeed speak. Saw Justine Larbalestier as well but the time did not seem propitious for speaking. (Did note that she was wearing her awesome cowboy boots.)

Also went to Crate and Barrel (new in Canada! exciting!) to check out rugs. I'm quite taken with Amelia for my middle room, which faces south -- saw it in person and my heart lifted, which I think is a good sign. Picture that with mango-coloured walls, ivory curtains, a blue-green sofa and a dark red tub chair. And dark wood furniture. I also liked the Asimi rug (it's not as green as the picture makes it look, in fact it's almost the same brown as the Amelia) for the front room. Maybe. Not like I can actually afford two rugs right now anyway. I love the Amelia more, but it's the front room that's really desperate for a rug -- all that bare wood floor and blue-green paint and too much furniture looks very chilly, even with my red chintz curtains that I love. What to do, what to do...

...besides go to Pottery Barn at lunch and rent more swatches, that is. Adeline, Amelie, Blithe. (Annoyingly, Pottery Barn doesn't generally do 6x9, which is what I need for the middle room.)
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Sent Blue out for his last trip of the evening to the back yard just after 11 last night. He puttered around, came back, then shot out again; we heard some clanging and swearing (no lights back there yet) and then he shot back in making funny noises. Jen said "What's in his mouth?" He'd taken refuge under her desk, so I went to look, and immediately realized he'd been hit by a skunk at point-blank range. He was foaming at the mouth and sitting hunched over and miserable and the smell was indescribable.

Naturally I failed to grab him in time and he took off upstairs, pausing to drip skunk-laden drool on every rug. I left him be for a bit and called the vet emergency clinic (who said "It's not toxic to them, it's just an irritant -- try to flush out his mouth with water"). Jen meanwhile called her parents, who Googled. The top home remedy, peroxide and baking soda and dish detergent, seemed a little toxic for use on an animal, and in any case we didn't have any peroxide. Second choice, for animals' faces, was over-the-counter vaginal douche (who knew?) but we didn't have any of that either. So we wrestled him into the bath (after a brief and unsuccessful interlude with the kitchen sink) and did our best to flush his mouth using a turkey baster and lots of water (never have I so wished for a flexible showerhead).

Eventually we had to stop because he was looking so miserable it seemed cruel to go on. John arrived to help with a bit of cleaning and collect Jen and Tilde, whose bedroom is right next to Ground Zero and who therefore needed somewhere else to sleep. I mopped my floors and bagged all potentially contaminated clothes and towels and turned on all the extractor fans in the house and then, as it was by this time getting on for 1 a.m., decided to go to sleep and deal with the rest in the morning. It seemed like a good use of a personal day.

In the morning the smell didn't seem too bad, but the trouble is you become habituated to the stuff quite quickly in self-defence. I leaned over and discovered Blue sleeping by the foot of my bed, and when I got close to him he still smelled vile, so OK, more work needed. I took him for our usual walk and when I got back John and Helen and Jen and Tilde were preparing to come over for a massive cleaning blitz (Jen had realized as they drove away in the car that in no way had she and Tilde escaped the stench just by leaving the house).

Anyway, we cleaned the dog and the house and ourselves all morning, and I have done tons of laundry and showered and I bet I still smell of skunk without realizing it, but thank goodness for family. Himself has managed to wrench his back leg -- all that struggling out of bathtubs, I bet -- but it doesn't seem too bad; I'll watch it for a day or so before taking him to the vet.

So! How are you all?
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This weekend I:
- did some Christmas shopping
- went to the Swedish Christmas Fair, where only a few people addressed me in Swedish
- sang in my chamber choir concert -- the other alto came down with laryngitis and one of the sopranos was in Puerto Vallarta, so our conductor pinch-sang
- unblocked my toilet, which was challenging, because my toilet is weird; however, snaking through the vacuum tube did the job
- sort of watched the Grey Cup (I'm glad Saskatchewan won, based on the sheer number of supporters I was seeing in the streets last week)
- continued to try to tidy

Books read this week:

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City, by Kirsten Miller - I enjoyed very much, especially the how-to bits (tell when someone's lying, tail someone, disguise yourself, spot a fake diamond, see the real New York, be prepared for emergencies...) at the end of most chapters. For some reason I found it rather slow going -- not sure why. But really, who wouldn't love a book about six 12-year-old girls (chemistry whiz, master of disguise, forger/lockpicker, mechanical genius, urban archaeologist, and their fearless leader) fighting crime?
Seven Days to a Brand-New Me, by Ellen Conford
Kitty Takes a Holiday, by Carrie Vaughn (incidentally I have decided I like Kitty Norville much, much more than Rachel Morgan, and going back to Book 4 in that series probably isn't going to help -- shame, I enjoyed the first few, but there you go)
Misc. romances, including The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt (really fun, and the fairy tale in the epigraphs is a Cupid and Psyche variant, for which I am always a sucker)
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For all you fellow bitches: Andi Zeisler of Bitch Magazine talks about That Word. (Via Salon Broadsheet.)

Pretty good weekend -- surprisingly productive, now I look back on it. I did laundry and changed my sheets and helped order siding and went to a party and to choir practice and played Kill Dr. Lucky and bought groceries and cooked chicken stock and chicken chili and sewed more ornaments. And I had another stab at clearing extraneous Stuff, this time out of the third floor. Much of it is now strewn around the second floor, which is not ideal, but at least it's getting more concentrated.

Something rather appalling happened to a friend of mine, though -- she got home from work Friday to discover that her boyfriend, who'd been living with her for about a year, had decamped with all his stuff. No note, no message. They'd had a nice birthday dinner for her the night before. Who does that? It's making me seriously question my judgement, because I thought he was a really nice, standup kind of guy -- as did she, obviously. I'm having trouble knowing what to think.

Books read this week:

Girl at Sea, Maureen Johnson
Magic's Child, Justine Larbalestier
A Stranger at Green Knowe, Lucy M. Boston ([livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen! Gorilla alert!)
Working for the Devil, Lilith Saintcrow (I had some issues -- such as, if she told me one more time that Secondary Character E was large, blond and shaggy, I was going to have to scream -- but not bad for a first novel)
Voices, Ursula K. Le Guin
Pants on Fire, Meg Cabot

[Edited November 20 to add links and the following] After finishing the last -- which, btw, I really enjoyed, so this is not a slam -- I realized that another reason I have come to adore Cecil Castellucci as much as I do is that she doesn't write romances. There is a limited range of happy endings for women in fiction, and I'm all in favour of those who expand them at every opportunity. Not, you understand, that I'm against romances -- I love 'em -- but it's nice to come across a happy ending once in a while that doesn't involve True Love.
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Pretty good weekend.

Jen is studying for her CFA designation, a process that will take three years assuming she passes every exam the first time (not everyone does). This currently involves a foot-high stack of textbooks (they came with a set of postcards to send to your friends and family to explain why you haven't been around lately) which contain a lot of math. e has made an appearance. So has ln (helpful for calculating the value of exponents). So have a bunch of fractions. I'm intrigued by the extent to which mathematical operations that are now purely instinctive to me are not to Jen -- it's probably because I've done so very many more of them in my day.

Ornament project continues.

We have back steps! And the structure is partly waterproofed, although not all the way yet. Still. It's progress. I did a bit of clearing up, which amounted to taking all the extraneous crap that had accumulated in my entrance hall and hauling it upstairs. It is currently cluttering up the second floor hallway. Oh, and I brought my desk down to the basement, a mere month or so after taking it to bits. Next I will start putting my drifts of random crap into piles, and then I will either put the piles into boxes or throw them out.

Ushed for my mum's choir's Remembrance Day concert on Saturday -- it was lovely, although we had a minor casualty (old gent fell and barked his shin and cut the bridge of his nose, but not seriously).

Books read this week:

Dzur, Steven Brust. I need to go back and reread Issola, also probably all the other Vlad Taltos novels. Also eat some Hungarian food. OMG. Do not read this book on an empty stomach, because every chapter starts with part of an incredible multi-course meal at Valabar's.
Two of a Kind, Rosemary Edghill.
Death at the Bar, Ngaio Marsh.
Gifts, Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Yiddish Policemen's Union, Michael Chabon. I get the Michael-Chabon-love now. I was lent The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay when I was in hospital but failed to get into it -- I was distracted. This one, I adored. Alaskan Jewish alternate-present noir? It doesn't get better than that.
Beige, Cecil Castellucci. Which I finished and then promptly read a second time. It was that good.


Oct. 29th, 2007 05:20 pm
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Spent most of the weekend volunteering at Planet in Focus -- Friday and Saturday evenings at the Royal, and Sunday afternoon at Innis. I discovered that the Royal's box office is effectively a cone of silence, albeit one the wind whistles through in disconcerting fashion; it's almost impossible to communicate anything remotely complex to a patron even if she presses her ear up to the little hole.

Managed to watch two movies during all this. Il Giardino was charming and made me want to instantly eat tomatoes and roast red peppers I'd grown in my own garden. Maybe next year. The panel discussion afterward had maybe one too many panelists, although I did learn the intriguing fact that one group has estimated Toronto could theoretically grow, at a minimum, half its yearly food requirement within its own borders. That was cool. And Sounds of Sand was just bloody heartbreaking.

In back deck progress, Jen and John have built steps down to the basement (reportedly -- I haven't inspected yet). Tilde spent Sunday morning a quivering mass of nerves because they were doing things OUTSIDE. With POWER TOOLS. She greeted me with tremendous relief and spent half an hour trying to cut off my air supply with her cheek. I may have mentioned that Tilde is just a fraction neurotic at times.

I'm quite looking forward to restoring my sleep schedule from the wreckage the World Series has made of it.

Books read this week:
The Seeing Stone, Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (book 2 of the Spiderwick Chronicles)
Turkish Delight, Rosemary Edghill (fun although not stellar, a bit like The Grand Sophy if Sophy Stanton-Lacy had been brought up in the harem of the Grand Turk)
Sex as a Second Language, Alisa Kwitney (seriously fun and very hot; I'm now working through her back catalogue)
...God, is that all? I just took a stack of books back to the library but of course a lot of them were from last week. And I've got a few pages into about four others. Chugging along.
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I am, incidentally, TIRED. I had an excellent and productive weekend, and I now have the rudiments of a bookcase (whee! my parents are the best). But there was a lot of priming and painting and nailing (love the air compressor!) and fetching and carrying and running up and down stairs involved. I have splotches of primer ALL over me, and the raccoon seems to have decided the corner of my not-deck is a lovely place to curl up in a ball and snooze the day away when it's raining. (And I think I'm developing a wee bit of Stockholm Syndrome -- I look at it sleeping with its nose tucked into its tummy and its little fuzzy ears sticking out and think "Awwww!" rather than "Get the hell off my roof, you destructive little menace!")

Also got some grocery shopping done. Read Nickel and Dimed, and I'm pretty sure that's all I've finished all week. Watched Disturbia and re-watched The Matchmaker while sitting in a heap on Jen's couch last night. Have hit the scary part of my knitting where I divide for the arms. I'm still not at all sure this is going to be a me-sized sweater, but it'll certainly be pretty.

Jen and John made progress on the back deck. It has visible structure. They, too, love the air compressor, although instead of using the little nailer for finishing nails they are using the HUGE one for framing nails. Scary stuff, but impressive.
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I'm not as young as I used to be. Evidence: I was fried yesterday as a result of staying up to an hour that 10 years ago I would not have considered particularly late. The advantage of my job is now I understand what's going on in my brain when this happens (or at least I have a plausible explanation): brain gets tired, inhibitory centres don't work as well, impulse control gets way worse. Result: I am easily distracted, impulsive, chatty, slow, and think everything's a crisis.

Witness my after-work experience. I tried to buy a file cabinet online from Staples yesterday. It was out of stock. (Crisis!) Headed down to the Staples on University after work and on the way spotted a cute dress in the window of a store. (Distractibility!) Went in to try it on. (Impulsivity!) Didn't buy it. (Luckily not too much impulsivity.) Talked to the furniture guy at Staples ("keep trying"). Wandered down to wait for the streetcar on Queen. No streetcar. Walked along to Ben and Jerry's (distractibility again) and ordered a scoop of Cherry Garcia. The girl said "Small scoop or large?" I said "Large." (Impulsivity again.) Ate my ice cream in the little park behind the food court. Hey, there's the Umbra store! (Distractibility. Hey, it's bright pink.) Went in, bought a curtain hanging set for my closet (impulsivity, but at least I'd decided the night before that's what I needed). Not, however, before wandering around and admiring everything in the store. (Slow!) Finally went home, where Jen made me eat and watch Topper (which it turns out is at least partly about the transformative power of great underwear) before we went upstairs to sort out all the bits of plywood for the bookcase, a task I'd been dreading but which turned out to be not as horrendous as I'd feared -- turns out obsessive planning sometimes pays off further down the line. (Today my parents will be building! AND I was able to order the filing cabinet just now. So all in all life is good.)

And then I slept. Sweet sweet sleep! All better now.

Jen and John have been making great progress on the back deck. Today, apparently, they will try to make it waterproof. Most exciting.
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I have been up very late calculating the dimensions for my new bookcase, which I have decided to finally get on and build in honour of [livejournal.com profile] mrs_cake's visit. This has so far involved:

- measuring
- research on file cabinets
- math
- more measuring
- a trip to Ikea this evening to buy a countertop (luckily 8 feet long so there will be no messing about trying to join up two bits; we stuck it on the roof of the car using Jen's eternally useful kayak transport kit and felt very competent. Of course we bought a few other things while we were there)
- more math (specifically, calculating the size of each of the 6 component units plus plinth, subtracting 1/4" for the back and 1/2" for the trim and 3/4" for the sides where appropriate, calculating the size of each side of each component, adding them all up, and making plans for the plywood)
- frelling about in Word to make diagrams of this lot, as it's the only program my parents can reliably open

But it's going to be a lovely bookcase and I'll be able to unpack the frightening clump of boxes next to my desk, which will be great. And I can't really complain a whole lot because my dad is going to do most of the work, starting with a trip to the lumberyard.

I see Lucy has fallen over from all the measuring. I know how she feels.

Since I'm up anyway, please have an adorable story about octopi (it's the WaPo so registration may be required, I dunno).
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Weekend of much puttering. But productive puttering.

Friday evening: party for [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen at Jen's parents' house. A fine time was had by all, at least they said they had a fine time and they sounded quite sincere. We seem to have done OK on the food and drink end of things; about a case of wine left over, which John and Helen are buying from us, and a lot of cheese and some bread and spinach and grape tomatoes and the remnants of The Ham. And, for some reason, basil. Not, however, any of the salmon or lasagna, which were inhaled. We delegated the food to an extent where we didn't actually have to cook, which was awesome. And people said I looked nice. (It was my parents and Jen's Aunt Jane. I trust them.)

Saturday: Nursed my hangover by going to the gym, where the owner talked me into new workout pants (she enticed me with pants that are actually long enough. Fiendish). Then went to Sunset Grill to offset all that healthiness. Then went home and had a bath. Tried and failed to nap. Failed to help with party cleanup. Did three loads of laundry. Changed my sheets. Ironed. Moved some sheets and towels from the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers. Moved my sweaters from the bottom shelf of my wardrobe to the chest of drawers. Moved my spare purses from a cardboard box in the corner to the bottom shelf of the wardrobe. Pulled tarpaulin over the hole in the backyard when it started to rain, but alas not quickly enough to prevent half an inch of water from piling up. Luckily the basement did not flood.

Sunday: Removed rotting vegetable corpses from my crisper drawers and put them in the green bin. Cleaned the fridge. Cleaned the sink. Admired the progress of the garage demolition next door. Saw a ruffled-looking cardinal on its soon-to-be-nonexistent roof. Removed the raccoon poop from the not-deck outside my door. Did more ironing. Took delivery of the party leftovers (I got the bulk of them, including the basil). Ate brunch at Il Fornello with Jen and [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen. Bought pillow covers, a clear box, hangers, and a small plastic locking jug. Poured more vinegar on the weeds next to the house foundations. Put smaller purses and wallets into new box. Restored order to clothing on shelves. Bought groceries. Made pesto. Made fettucine carbonara for self and [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen. Watched an Inspector Lynley mystery on PBS. Hemmed my new black pants (from Mexx, which seems to build for Amazons). Drank port. Went to bed. Slept soundly.

Books read this week (not all that many, I seem to have been busy with other things): The River at Green Knowe (reread, but from so long ago it scarcely counts). Right Ho, Jeeves (reread). I'm sure there was something else, but hell if I know what. (Edit 2: Howl's Moving Castle! I knew that. I think I need to watch the movie again for comparison purposes. I'm pretty sure I still prefer moody-but-not-emo book!Howl.)

(Edited much letter later. Feh. Sorry. I continue to lose at HTML.) (Edit 3: and apparently spelling.)
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Last night I went to the gym. (Applause. It's all thanks to [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen actually.)

While I was gone, Jen was watching the second half of Death on the Nile* in my living room** when she heard a scratching noise from upstairs. Skritch skritch. Hm, she thought, that sounds like a raccoon. But it can't have got into the house, can it? Robin wouldn't have left a window open, could she? Better check.

So she went upstairs to the third floor. Sure enough, there was a raccoon*** outside the front window (the top set of windows in this picture), scratching at the screen. The window was actually mostly shut, but that hadn't deterred it. Jen banged on the window (thinking "oh, how CUTE!") and it gave her a Look and wandered off. She went back to the movie.

A few minutes later... skritch skritch skritch.

She went upstairs again, and discovered that the little bugger was back and had actually ripped a small hole in one of the screens! (Which were, btw, quite expensive.) She banged on the window again and it went away, presumably for good. Although who knows?

Once again, we are glad it hasn't brought its friends and relations along yet. [livejournal.com profile] oakeyo reckons maybe none of them believed it when it told them about the chicken, and now it's an outcast.

*Apparently the body count went way up, but the pace did not pick up any.
**because her DVD player is on the fritz
***We're pretty sure it's the same one every time. Chicken is a powerful force.
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but first: I am very excited to learn that George Brown offers courses in emergency management, and I would LOVE to take some.

On Friday I went to Enterprise (I get a discount) after work and rented Vanzilla. (Brand new, just arrived, a mere 66 km on the clock.) Took me a bit to get used to driving something so HUGE and with so few side windows, but I didn't kill anybody or squish anything and that's what counts. [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen and I moved a load of stuff up to her parents' that evening (moving truism: You have more stuff than you think) and finished around 10:30. I came back early Saturday morning, with coffee, and got help parallel parking the monster in front of the apartment. Failed to read the parking sign correctly and got a ticket (you'd think I'd learn), but I choose to think of this as my offering to the parking gods because we got excellent parking for the rest of the morning. Dan and Dennis came over and we moved the furniture and the cat (poor Tully) all in excellent time for me to get Vanzilla back by noon.

Then [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen and I ate breakfast and went to MEC. Always a happy thing. I bought a (basic, but decent) compass and two pairs of pants and some tops and some Clif bars and evidently spent enough that it raised the eyebrows of Visa, but I think I am mostly all set for England now.

And then I went home and figured I had basically accomplished plenty for the weekend and could stop now. I did get up in time to pick up my dry-cleaning and my photos and some library books, and made a long list of things to do of which I achieved about half. I did cook: vegetable biryani (laziest method possible including frozen vegetables) and sorta kinda penne puttanesca (tomato sauce, tuna, capers, olives, jalapenos -- very tasty). And I watched Gilda on TVO, which was fantastic although I found the ending troubling. Rita Hayworth rocked that part, however.

Yesterday I got sucked in by Sudoku and Eva Ibbotson, but I did manage to paint the annoying plaster patch in my kitchen so my kitchen is back to normal now, hurray!

Vanzilla gave me a bruise on the outside of my left thigh from hopping out of the cab so often. Ow.

Books read this week: She Went All the Way (OK, cute but not a keeper -- pretty ordinary). Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (started off feeling intimidated, and I still feel I was never that cool and together, but I loved it -- they've both been slightly maimed by their respective exes, and they're as uncertain as you'd expect teenagers to be, and they spend most of the middle of the book utterly out of sync with each other and it works out in the end). What the Lady Wants (reread). Madensky Square (lovely -- a very unconventional romance, and one of her love letters to Vienna). I'm forgetting something. Although maybe not, it was a pretty full week. (Edit: Swordspoint! *headslap* Which I reread for the first time in years and years and years -- I originally bought it for the pretty Tom Canty cover but didn't really cleave to it. Liked it much better this time around especially in light of The Privilege of the Sword.)

Returned to the library only partly read because someone else had it on hold but I think I have the gist: Inequality Reexamined.
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I don't feel I quite got a proper weekend. Let's see...

Friday night: checked on the cat, walked home stopping for ice cream on the way. Jen and I stayed up until 12:30 pricing stuff for the yard sale.

Saturday morning: I have already detailed the raccoon invasion. Then we had the invasion of the yard sale early birds, which lasted longer and was more annoying. One woman showed up before we had put anything out at all, around 8 a.m., and hung around while we set up. Luckily Joanne showed up around the same time, with items for sale and baby Liam (not for sale, although we had offers), and went to get us breakfast and blessed coffee, which made it much easier to cope. There was nearly a fistfight over [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen's illustrated Passion of the Christ.

It was a hot, hot day. Luckily our neighbours to the south have a tree, whose shade we followed around. The candles we had out for sale were not so lucky; they melted. Stuff sold pretty briskly, especially in the morning, but it was a fairly gruelling day. (Many thanks to all who showed up to help or give moral support, including [livejournal.com profile] monkeycommando.) I broke my resolution to not acquire anything and took a skirt and a purse from Jen and two books and a figure of Lucy from [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen. (Would've been three books -- I spotted one I'd quite have liked when someone brought it to be priced. Ah well.)

Anyway, we did sell quite a lot (although not everything). Comics were very popular. (Some Guy: "This is the best yard sale EVER! Normally it's my girlfriend who loves yard sales!") Jen has wisely observed that you shouldn't put anything into a yard sale that you wouldn't otherwise give away, otherwise the avaricious instinct starts to get you.

Lucy is currently hanging out with Eowyn and Sam and Theoden and Boromir and the Tardis. My fandoms play well with others.

In the evening after we had more or less recovered I went to check on the cat (again) and buy ice cream (again). Jen went to see the latest Bourne movie (Supremacy? I can't keep them straight).

Sunday I finally tackled the job of cleaning up properly after the raccoon invasion, which for some reason involved buying more cleaning supplies. Jen prepared for a no-cook lunch with her aunt and uncle and cousins (I was detailed to go buy booze at the last minute). Delicious: two kinds of bread, four kinds of cheese, ham, turkey, salad, salmon mousse (which melted), green and red and yellow peppers, eggplant dip with pita, olives stuffed with almonds, cherries, strawberries, chocolate eclairs. I for one stuffed myself.

(I almost forgot -- we discovered the corpse of a squirrel next to the Hole. This helps explain the horrendous smell that's been wafting out of that area of the garden -- we thought it was raccoon poop. Jen's uncle Neil kindly disposed of it for us. In happier news I handed over a bunch of the dresses that hadn't sold and hopefully someone will make use of them.)

And then we collapsed in a heap and worked on a jigsaw and watched the first part of Death on the Nile, which is... leisurely.

Books read this week: Wings to the Kingdom. Young Avengers: Sidekicks. The Mirador. Died in the Wool. Book of Moons (reread). Tarragon Island. Magic or Madness.
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Harry Potter: Picked it up from the library, read it in one 6-hour chunk from about 6:20 on (with pauses to move around the house in search of a more comfortable spot). I liked it -- much more than the last two, in fact, which I found a hard slog and which didn't manage to stick in my brain. Surprisingly good and surprisingly moving.

It continues to be hot. I finally figured out that my fan was turning the wrong way; fixing this enabled me to sleep. (Note to self: clockwise is the way that makes the breeze.) Would've been nice if I'd worked it out a few hundred pages sooner, though. And (possible TMI coming up) I finally caved and waxed my legs myself this morning so I could wear skirts; couldn't take another day of this heat in pants, and it was becoming obvious I wasn't going to get around to getting someone else to do it. MUCH better this way.

I have a giant bug bite of some kind on my thigh. Cortisone cream has stopped the itching, thank goodness.

I'm in love with my window seat. My mother made a mattress for it and I have a zillion throw cushions and I can lie there in front of the windows and survey the passing scene and read for hours. It is THE BEST (even though I still haven't found quite the right fabric to cover the mattress).

Internet service at work continues ridiculously patchy. Up, down, up, down. It's one thing for LJ, which I shouldn't be on in any case, but sometimes I need the ACTUAL INTERNET for ACTUAL WORK, dammit.

Distressed to hear of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis.
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Potterwatch: 111 of 4056. Still in transit. I bet it'll show up this evening, when I'm on my way to the cottage.

It is HOT. Yesterday was one of those weird oppressive days when it just seems to get hotter and more miserable as the day goes on. We went to Designer Discount Fabrics and I got some more swatches -- I think I'm zeroing in on a few fabrics, but these things take time. Actually, if I could just combine two of the swatches I got yesterday (the background of one with the accent colours and pattern of the other) it would be perfect for my window seat. I suppose they might have such a thing, they do seem to have most things.

John came over after Doctor Who and we loaded up the truck for a dump run -- the pile in the back is a little lower now, but we still need at least one more run and likely two. Tilde and I tidied (well, I tidied, and Tilde sat at my feet and hoped for treats which were not forthcoming because I am mean like that) while they were gone. As Jen says, it's sad that the Tour de France is over but on the other hand it's quite nice to have our lives back.
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Potterwatch: 125 of 4078.

House: We've finished the masonry! Did some backfilling yesterday afternoon. I dug for all of 5 minutes without gloves and got a blister. Apparently there's a reason I wear them. Next up: framing. And we're going back to Designer Discount Fabrics this evening -- with any luck I can focus sufficiently to actually buy something.

Books read this week: Harry Sue; The Android's Dream; Getting Rid of Bradley (reread, I have the original edition, the linked edition really is a terrible cover); The Moon-Spinners (reread; DUDE, least accurate book description EVER); Zorro.

Books returned to the library without finishing because someone else wanted them: Magic for Beginners.
electricland: (house plan)
A colleague tipped me off to this. The house is not that far from mine, and in fact is just down the street from my old apartment (there's a nice Indian restaurant on the corner).

It looks like a nice house, but COME ON.

Suddenly our house expenses seem quite manageable by contrast...


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