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In among various bits and bobs and boxes from Granny's apartment, we recently came across a stash of knitting needles. I have just sorted and catalogued them all in my Ravelry account and it took, ooh, about 2 hours. There are a LOT. Mostly in smaller gauges -- we're going to have to start knitting stuff for babies. The grand champion is 17 2.75-mm double-points, but as those come in sets of 4 or 5 it's actually not as impressive as the 16 3-mm straight needles (in 3 different lengths, but still). Smallest is a set of 2-mm double-points. Largest is a pair of 7.5-mm straight needles (Jen has a pair the same size, in case we should happen to need two). And there is a lone 5.5-mm circular needle, in a rather fetching pale green.

So the next question is, what on earth do we keep them in?
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Got the paper done-ish. It required the intervention of the Black Sweatshirt of Sleep Deprivation, my traditional garb for all-nighters. Then I slept pretty much all day yesterday. But hey, paper is done-ish! (Except for the bit from the person who didn't do the assignment and clearly didn't read the requirements and was like "You didn't say anything about a critique!" But. We shall prevail.)

Am excited about the upcoming improvements to the library catalogue, especially the emailed hold notifications and being able to change the pick-up location for your holds. /geek

It is, btw, frickin' freezing out there. Dog doesn't care. I am swaddling myself in many layers, which works OK, but occasionally one must walk against the wind and then, ow.

Via [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda I have discovered TV Tropes, which apparently everyone else already knew about. It has already, as advertised, Ruined My Life. But in a good way.

Also, I've started an account on Ravelry (which I learned about via [livejournal.com profile] brisingamen). It was the needle inventory (shot 25) that sold me. Pretty darn awesome.

Book update coming -- I'm feeling the need to be complete, which is slowing me down.

So. What's new with you?


Oct. 16th, 2007 12:49 pm
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Last night I finished the neck of the sweater I've been working on since forever! This meant I could actually try it on without worrying about dropping a million stitches or stabbing myself in the eye with a circular needle.

Fits not badly at all, thank you. A little snug, but it's supposed to be. Now I just need to deal with the arms. I am proud.
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I am, incidentally, TIRED. I had an excellent and productive weekend, and I now have the rudiments of a bookcase (whee! my parents are the best). But there was a lot of priming and painting and nailing (love the air compressor!) and fetching and carrying and running up and down stairs involved. I have splotches of primer ALL over me, and the raccoon seems to have decided the corner of my not-deck is a lovely place to curl up in a ball and snooze the day away when it's raining. (And I think I'm developing a wee bit of Stockholm Syndrome -- I look at it sleeping with its nose tucked into its tummy and its little fuzzy ears sticking out and think "Awwww!" rather than "Get the hell off my roof, you destructive little menace!")

Also got some grocery shopping done. Read Nickel and Dimed, and I'm pretty sure that's all I've finished all week. Watched Disturbia and re-watched The Matchmaker while sitting in a heap on Jen's couch last night. Have hit the scary part of my knitting where I divide for the arms. I'm still not at all sure this is going to be a me-sized sweater, but it'll certainly be pretty.

Jen and John made progress on the back deck. It has visible structure. They, too, love the air compressor, although instead of using the little nailer for finishing nails they are using the HUGE one for framing nails. Scary stuff, but impressive.
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My tension isn't.

I had suspected this before, but my sample swatch was wildly off on the prescribed 5 mm needles and worked out perfectly on 4 mm. I achieved basically the same effect by yanking the yarn really, really tight on the 5s, but I find this tiring. So 4 mm it is. (Even for the ribbing, which should probably be on even smaller needles, but I'll yank and hope for the best.) The yarn is lovely (I think, from the pictures, that I'm using Terracotta but I'm not positive).

I also think I have mastered the long-tail cast-on, although I'm going to need to refer to the pictures for a long time to come. ;)

The only real trouble here is that I find it very hypnotic, and knit when I should be doing other things like putting the dishes away and sleeping. Ah well.

(Hm. I probably need a knitting icon of some kind.)
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This weekend I:
  • went to choir practice
  • found a yarn store new to me just north of where the choir practice was (Bathurst south of St. Clair)
  • admired the store's budgie
  • bought some perfectly gorgeous rose cotton-silk blend yarn with which I will be making a sweater if I can get my tension sorted out and decipher the pattern (in the round, with short rows interspersed with increases for one's boobs; at least I don't need to worry about that part for a good, oh, foot or so)
  • since I had already started spending money, went to Joe's next to the big Loblaw's up there and bought a skirt and a dress and three tops and a set of pyjamas for $86.50 including tax
  • discovered that the new lampshades I bought at Ikea do in fact work perfectly well on my bedside lamps now that I've cut down the cardboard bit on the socket so that the bulb can make contact
  • banished the old floor lamp with the metal half-cylinder shade and the very harsh light to the yard sale pile in the basement
  • discovered what an incredible improvement that made to my bedroom, and wondered why I hadn't done it sooner
  • wondered where the other bedside lamp is
  • walked Bender (twice)
  • saw Fracture
  • stayed up way, way, way too late reading The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN
  • wore my new skirt
  • went to two family parties
  • played badminton with my small cousins
  • was urged to visit some other cousins while they're still in Malawi, which kind of makes sense
  • ate way, way, way too much
  • wondered where the weekend went


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