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I just ate lots and lots and LOTS of cherries. The red and yellow kind. Sweet (but not too sweet), juicy, delicious.

I've also developed a terrible addiction to the Southwest Rice and Bean Salad in one of my cookbooks. Rice, kidney beans, black beans, garlic, celery, green chili peppers, oil and vinegar dressing. SO GOOD. And the rice cooking method therein actually worked out for me up at the cottage -- must try to replicate it at home, I've lost all my rice-fu. I love my gas stove except for that.

(I really will have to buy groceries this evening -- I stopped in at the store on my way to work for the cherries, and now I'm out of all my accessory foodstuffs again.)
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I cooked last night! Pasta with shrimp and zucchini and mushrooms and tomato. Delicious and surprisingly easy -- I've never cooked shrimp before. I'm eating some of it now.

And I just got back from an eye test so everything's blurry. I'm getting new glasses! First time in absolutely ages.

Weather seems to be recovering from its freakish descent into March. And hey, it could be worse -- at least we don't have floods or tornadoes. Hell, not even a smog alert. Life is good.
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch, Dan, John and I had cheese cannelloni and

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Today for lunch, I had a High Liner
frozen fish entree. Not bad at all.
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I've fallen down a bit on the lunch reports of late but I had to do this one, because holy cow. Most complicated instructions EVER. I went to the IGA down the street this week, which is a great store but doesn't have much in the way of frozen entrees, at least not ones that meet my 300-g stipulation. C'mon, guys, it's EASY to keep the calories down if you're NOT GIVING ME ANY FOOD! (Hey, they say, it's not our fault if you went and ate an entire other meal after eating our product.) This was one of the few.

Michelina's Bowls: Chicken and Vegetables

Stats: 312 g, 340 Calories, 6 g fat, 2 g fibre, 13 g protein, 1420 mg sodium (yikes!)

Cooking: Here's where it gets fun. You open the box and take out the plastic innards, on which are printed the rest of the cooking instructions. Then you close up the side, carefully tear out the perforated circle in the cardboard box, and place the plastic bowl in the resulting hole. Then you zap it for 3 1/2 minutes. Then you peel back the plastic and stir. Then you zap it for another minute. It's all at the link.

First impression: Er. Weirdly gelatinous-looking.

Taste: As salty as you'd expect. Mostly rice with the occasional pea, corn kernel, carrot chunk, or chicken bit. Still with the gelatinous. Not horrible, but not particularly interesting.

Label amusements: I can't really top the cooking instructions.

Final verdict: Meh. Although the arts and crafts factor is high.

Will buy again: Probably not. I'm going to have to be sure to go to Loblaw's if I don't get my stove working soon.

Fruit: Nectarines from the farmers' market at Nathan Philips Square.

Yogurt: Astro fruit-bottom yogurt. Not wild about it.
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No lunch report yesterday; farewell lunch for a colleague, at Pickle
Barrel (tasty, but a series of disasters).

Today: PC Spanish Paella

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It is ironic that I started doing this the same day I was reading all
kinds of stuff on diet and diabetes, with detours into the impassioned
debates on high-fat vs. low-fat, high-carb vs. low-carb, low-sodium vs.
high-sodium, glycemic index, causes of the "obesity epidemic," causes of
type 2 diabetes, metabolism, and on and on. Is any topic in North America
more fraught for more people than food?

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So I've started bringing my lunch to work again as a cost-control and
(hopefully) health measure. My lunches normally consist of:
- leftovers
- 2 mini yogurts
- fruit

Since I'm not cooking much (who am I kidding?) at the moment, I
have no leftovers; therefore I'm buying frozen entrees instead. (Ya gotta
start somewhere.) I finally remembered from the last time I was doing this
regularly that if the frozen entree in question is significantly under 300 g
my body will start throwing a temper tantrum towards the end of the day
no matter what else I feed it -- go figure -- which lets out a fair number
of the PC Blue Menu items, unfortunately. But there's still plenty to be
going on with. I thought I'd start keeping track of what I'd tried, rather
than trying to do it in my head, so that I can remember the stuff I like
and cross the stuff I don't like off my list.

Please keep in mind that my standards are pretty minimal and, after all,
these are frozen entrees.

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My aunt reports:

Hello All

Today for lunch we had a selectione of bagel sandwiches: smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber; and toasted ham and Brie. Also, chocolate cake with candles, because it is Dan's birthday. Admired butterflies--a flock of white and some Monarch--in the garden.

Dan is working on R's pass-through. John is wiring.

David is off recovering from the move. (He said they'd enrolled so many people to help that he figures it would cost more on pizza and beer than hiring a professional mover.)

Cheers, H
They're still eating better than me. Although I did bring my lunch today, first time since forever. I have bought a new bag as part of my continuing campaign to only carry one damn bag with me. We'll see how it goes. My uncle pointed out that the contents of bags expand to fill the space available, which is oh so painfully true, but is it really so much better to carry around a tiny little urban-warrior purse and a giant tote bag? I think not.

[livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl and I took the express bus this morning because there was a giant fire just west of us and the streetcars weren't running. Word on the bus had it that the photo store and the antique store were completely destroyed, which saddens me. Mostly, I admit, I'm worried about the handmade ice-cream place next to them.

Good weekend. Limited progress on A Suitable Boy. My grandmother fell over (again) and hit her head, not seriously but there was blood all over the place. Falling never seems to faze her much, luckily -- I assume it's all the practice she got figure-skating in her youth.


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