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In happier news, DFL is back! ("Celebrating last-place finishes at the Olympics. Because they're there, and you're not.")
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[livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl kindly phoned this morning to let me know my suspicions were baseless -- all four of the Toronto dailies had Cindy Klassen AND the hockey team on the front page. Quite right too. Well, except about the hockey team.

(Edit: Is Chandra Crawford the most adorable gold medalist ever or what?)
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch John and I had seafood sandwiches.

John moved junction boxes in Robin's kitchen and the first floor ceiling
in preparation for drywall. William worked on drywall on the third floor
and second floor bathroom.

Ron the Duct came and put in controls for the HRV.

Note to all: If you open the third floor door--or if you're the last to
leave--could you make sure it's closed and locked? Thanks.

Cheers, Helen

I reminded everyone that we need doorbells and/or intercoms.

Getting very little done today. Women's hockey, men's and women's curling spoiler warning for the strong-minded. ) The live website updates are dangerous, dangerous!
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Half of my friends list appears to be getting sucked into my house!
Disturbing. Well, and cool.

My aunt reports:

Hello, all.
Today for lunch, Karyn, Brian, John McGrady, John and I had cabbage rolls
and borsch.

The theme today is drywall--theme courtesy of Karyn.

William worked on the second floor bathroom and on the third floor, taping
and skim coating.

Dan worked around the crawl space behind the third floor toilet. Brian
said "a dirty job but Dan liked it." (How do you get Dan in a crawl space,
anyway?) Also worked on the duct work in Jen's bathroom.

Brian worked on a Rube Goldberg contraption to outfit the trucklet to
carry drywall.

Karyn and John M worked on separating wiring and duct work and
safe-and-sound insulation on the first floor ceiling.

John G. worked on Robin's kitchen preparing wiring and stuff for drywall


Also, in women's hockey news, Sweden has beaten the U.S. in overtime --
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It's unlikely to last, but I am thrilled to see that Finland is BEATING
the U.S. at the end of the first. (Er, I'm talking about women's hockey.)
Go, Finland! That'll teach them to snark about Canada running up the

(Which is a whole ridiculous tempest in a teapot, but I think it's worth
noting that (a) Canada had fewer shots on goal against Russia or Sweden
than the U.S. did against Switzerland or Germany, (b) especially in the
last period of each game, where they seem to have let up considerably.
Yes, I am obsessed this week.)
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A good site to keep an eye on: DFL. (I forget who linked to this. If it was you, thanks!)

For those of you unfamiliar with this site, here's what I'm doing.

During the course of the Olympics, I will be reporting on the last-place finish in each event (or, in each event for which a single last-place finish is possible). To qualify, it has to be a finish -- disqualifications, DNSes and DNFs are not eligible for this (admittedly dubious) honour.

Why am I doing this? For several reasons.

First and foremost, it's a real celebration of participation, that concept about which many of us sing platitudes but to which few of us assign any real value. Simply put, with very few exceptions, those who finish last at an Olympics are generally far better than the rest of us at their sport -- hence this site's tagline: "Because they're there, and you're not."
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Parents are off at brunch. My plans today: laundry, go for a walk to Riverdale Farm, throw stuff out, possibly rearrange furniture, probably better do some dishes as well. In between, glue self to TV.

I'm not a sports watcher in general, but when the Olympics are on I turn into a fanatic. (Fortunately, CBC seems dedicated to replaying the good bits over and over and over again, so I'm unlikely to miss much even if I try.) Caught the tail end of the Canada-Italy women's hockey game -- which, as several people have pointed out, must've been psychologically tough for both sides. Jen and I were in Gabby's at the time and the score in the top left corner of the TV screens looked like 10-0 (bad enough); it wasn't until they put it up in large print that we realized it was actually 16-0. Ouch. But the Italian goalie did a great job, considering the shots on goal.

Yay for Jennifer Heil! and poor Beckie Scott, although sixth isn't exactly disgraceful.

...oooh, the Canada-Russia game's starting, have to go.
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Cousin Jen and I saw Syriana this evening. It's... dense to the point of total opacity. Probably missing the first 5 minutes didn't help our understanding of the plot much, but I'm not sure how much difference it would actually have made. There were an awful lot of vaguely familiar-looking middle-aged white men in it as secondary characters; I recognized William Hurt and Chris Cooper, but failed to recognize Christopher Plummer, and don't think I knew any of the others. I also knew who Alexander Siddig was, although I kept losing track of his character's scummy little brother.

Ran into some other cousins at the theatre. (Observant readers may have noticed that I have a lot of cousins, mostly on my mother's side, or rather, I may have a ton on my father's side as well but I don't know them. No matter what the topic is, in my family we can usually chime in with "I have a cousin who...". Decline of the extended family? Not so much in these parts.)

Caught the lighting of the Olympic flame. I'm always so fond of the Olympics.

This is not as interesting a post as I thought it would be when I started.


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