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I am, incidentally, TIRED. I had an excellent and productive weekend, and I now have the rudiments of a bookcase (whee! my parents are the best). But there was a lot of priming and painting and nailing (love the air compressor!) and fetching and carrying and running up and down stairs involved. I have splotches of primer ALL over me, and the raccoon seems to have decided the corner of my not-deck is a lovely place to curl up in a ball and snooze the day away when it's raining. (And I think I'm developing a wee bit of Stockholm Syndrome -- I look at it sleeping with its nose tucked into its tummy and its little fuzzy ears sticking out and think "Awwww!" rather than "Get the hell off my roof, you destructive little menace!")

Also got some grocery shopping done. Read Nickel and Dimed, and I'm pretty sure that's all I've finished all week. Watched Disturbia and re-watched The Matchmaker while sitting in a heap on Jen's couch last night. Have hit the scary part of my knitting where I divide for the arms. I'm still not at all sure this is going to be a me-sized sweater, but it'll certainly be pretty.

Jen and John made progress on the back deck. It has visible structure. They, too, love the air compressor, although instead of using the little nailer for finishing nails they are using the HUGE one for framing nails. Scary stuff, but impressive.
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Last week the (or a) raccoon came back. Only outside, thank goodness, but it was hangin' out on the not-deck, checkin' out the scene. It was shortly after dark; I came to my senses in time to get my camera and take several pictures which may or may not work out. The flash completely failed to faze it.

This morning I staggered out of bed (having already fielded two phone calls from my parents about the bookshelf) to find it there again, this time in broad daylight, digging at the weak part of the roof where the next-door roofers pulled up some of our tarpaper and didn't put it back properly. I slapped the glass door and yelled, but other than getting it to look at me with an air of enquiry ("It almost seems like you're trying to communicate. How interesting!") had no effect whatever. I almost opened the door to shoo it away and then thought better of the idea -- the little bugger looks like it weighs about 20 pounds now, and its claws are quite impressive. I did eventually shoo it off by banging on the glass about 6 times very fast, but it managed to give the air of leaving because it felt like it, thank you.

The neighbours have reduced their swaybacked garage to a pile of timber.
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Last night I went to the gym. (Applause. It's all thanks to [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen actually.)

While I was gone, Jen was watching the second half of Death on the Nile* in my living room** when she heard a scratching noise from upstairs. Skritch skritch. Hm, she thought, that sounds like a raccoon. But it can't have got into the house, can it? Robin wouldn't have left a window open, could she? Better check.

So she went upstairs to the third floor. Sure enough, there was a raccoon*** outside the front window (the top set of windows in this picture), scratching at the screen. The window was actually mostly shut, but that hadn't deterred it. Jen banged on the window (thinking "oh, how CUTE!") and it gave her a Look and wandered off. She went back to the movie.

A few minutes later... skritch skritch skritch.

She went upstairs again, and discovered that the little bugger was back and had actually ripped a small hole in one of the screens! (Which were, btw, quite expensive.) She banged on the window again and it went away, presumably for good. Although who knows?

Once again, we are glad it hasn't brought its friends and relations along yet. [livejournal.com profile] oakeyo reckons maybe none of them believed it when it told them about the chicken, and now it's an outcast.

*Apparently the body count went way up, but the pace did not pick up any.
**because her DVD player is on the fritz
***We're pretty sure it's the same one every time. Chicken is a powerful force.
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Today is the yard sale (of Doom).

I was lying in bed disliking the thought of getting up (it starts at 10 and we still have a lot to do) when Jen called "Rob?"


"There's a raccoon in the house."

"Huh?" I sat up and looked around wildly. "But nothing's open up here!"

"I saw it going up your stairs."

I got up and looked around. Nope, door shut, screens on. Looked outside and hey, ANOTHER raccoon on the not-deck! Opening the door to let the one inside out was not going to work, obviously.

Jen and I met on the second floor and looked around (cautiously, as we didn't want to corner it). No raccoon.

"We've got Houdini!" Jen said.

The only possibility was that the one I'd seen was the same raccoon and that it had gone out the kitchen window, without disturbing the herbs on the sill, and climbed up the wall to the third floor.


Jen finally figured out what it was doing in her kitchen: it had fished out Tilde's kibble ball and was eating her kibble. Tilde's going to be SO MAD when she gets back from the cottage.
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I borrowed my parents' car again last night to help [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen move another load of stuff. I stopped by my house to change (platform sandals and a white linen skirt don't go especially well with moving bookcases) and who should I see when I got up to the third floor but my fuzzy little friend, peering hopefully through the glass door?

"Oh, I don't think so," I told it.

It retreated as far as the corner of the neighbour's deck, face poking (still hopefully) around the fence. Unfortunately it had left by the time Jen got upstairs to look. I guess I'm lucky it hasn't brought all its friends yet... and that the weather's cooled off, of course. One folk remedy for raccoons involves peeing all over the place you don't want them to be, but that sounds a little... how shall I put it? Gross. I'd prefer not to have to go that far.


Aug. 9th, 2007 02:10 pm
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(can I call this Illustrator practice?)


Aug. 9th, 2007 01:40 pm
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in honour of the night's events...
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Let me start from the beginning.

Last night I helped [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen move Stuff from her apartment to my porch in preparation for the Yard Sale of Doom. We needed my parents' car for this, which for most of the day was in Alliston while my parents were at an OMB hearing, so there was much phoning back and forth and updating and rescheduling and I went to Designer Discount Fabrics to buy curtain fabric and stopped at Bakka to buy books and got home a bit after 7 to wait for them and have something to eat. It was filthy hot, so I opened the door on the third floor and then forgot all about it.

Some hours later, when we'd finished and had a beer and gone our separate ways, I got back home and headed up to bed. Remember yesterday's raccoon encounter? The same one, or a relative, was out on the not-deck again. I cooed a bit -- they are incredibly cute -- told it to bugger off, hung up my laundry, and went to bed.

This morning I noticed some crud on the floor in the hall that I didn't remember seeing before. My housekeeping is substandard, but I thought surely I would have noticed chunks of plaster lying around in the hall. So I looked around some more and noticed raccoon footprints in the hall and on one of the chairs in the living room. No destruction evident. I peered around some more -- the dining room was fine, the bathroom was fine -- and then headed into the kitchen.

Where I found the remains of a barbecued chicken, which had been on the bottom shelf of my fridge, lying on the rug.

It certainly solves the question of what I'm going to do with the rest of the chicken. It also suggests I'll be doing some serious cleaning in the near future.

(There were raccoon footprints in Jen's kitchen too, but I don't know if it got anything down there.)

So to recap: this raccoon climbed up the outside of the house to the third floor, walked in through the open door, went down to the second floor, opened my fridge, pulled out the chicken, ate the chicken, wandered around some more poking into things, and left.*

I'm getting a screen door.

*Jen points out that they only seem to leave the same way they came in, so it presumably came in the door on the third floor, walked down two flights of stairs in its wanderings and chicken-stealing, and then walked back upstairs to go out the third floor door again. I'm just glad it doesn't seem to have been in the house while I was there.
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Last night after the gym I meant to putter and tidy things up (you do NOT want to know what was lurking in my kitchen green bin yesterday morning) but was enervated by the heat and also somewhat sucked in by Wings to the Kingdom. Jen and I ended up watching three episodes of Doctor Who. Oops. (Would have been only two, but the second was the first of a two-parter. But they were good!)

Did manage to putter a little this morning -- I emptied my dishwasher and cleaned the green bin (which is actually a silver bucket, but never mind that) and wiped the counter and useful things like that.

Also this morning I came face to face with a raccoon who'd climbed up to the third floor. It was outside and I was inside, but it did look like it was thinking about coming in. (I've been leaving the door open at night because it's so hot.) I said "Hey!" and it wandered behind the neighbours' deck and vanished.

Then I came to work and stopped at one of the stands in Nathan Phillips Square and bought peaches. Yum.


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