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My uncle writes:

Your doggies are sweet...

When Robin brought them over this morning, she warned me that they were (surprise!) wet, so I cleverly closed the bedroom doors to protect the beds, and went to the computer.

A few minutes later, Tilde came upstairs, started scratching industriously at my bedroom door, and waited for me to open it when I came out of the study. When instead I took a towel out of the cupboard, she rolled over onto her back, waved her paws in the air, and cooperated completely in my efforts to dry her off.

Next thing I knew, there was Blue, nuzzling my shoulder, and wanting the same treatment. Of course, a little tug-of-war with the towel was part of that experience...

Now they're both sacked out on the floor, snoozing.

Sadly, no picture (yet).


Dec. 27th, 2011 05:37 pm
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We left the dogs at home for a couple of hours, which in most households is perfectly fine, but came back to find Tilde had made her way upstairs and expressed her disapproval in rather biological terms. Sigh.

Blue didn't eat anything he shouldn't though!
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Blue & Tilde
"Hey baby, guess what?"
"John and Helen are going out later, but I happen to know that Jen will be coming by to feed us."
"Pay attention. This is the plan. We eat all our kibble, and then when John and Helen come back, we look really pathetic and frantic."
"And Helen will feed us again."
"Will she really fall for that?"
"Trust me."

It worked. OK, in the real world they probably didn't have advance notice. But they do have this very strange relationship, wherein sometimes Tilde lies on her back and Blue nuzzles her -- we call that the Venus phase -- and sometimes Blue nips at Tilde until she starts chasing him while snarling and (because apparently snarling tickles her nose) sneezing. That would be the Mars phase.

Jen and I went to see Indiana Jones. It was OK. Very fun in spots. Could have been shorter. Nice to see Karen Allen again. Loved Cate Blanchett's hair.
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My mum and I drove to Brampton in not-yet-horrible snow on Saturday to look at a young Airedale who needed a home. And as Jen and her parents said, what were the odds that the two of us would drive all the way to Brampton to look at an Airedale and come back without him?

So as of Saturday I am the proud new owner of Blue. He is adorable: on the small side for an Airedale, about 35 to 40 pounds. He's 20 months old, so still fairly puppyish, but house trained and knows his basic commands (although we will be enrolling in obedience school just to make sure we speak the same language). He's really sweet-natured. We were a bit worried about how he and Tilde will get on, but so far so good -- he's fascinated by her, and while she is a bit put out ("You brought a strange dog into MY HOUSE! And now there's this boy following me around all the time!") they seem to be getting on OK. They seem to have evolved Tilde's game of sit-on-the-couch-and-drop-squeaky-toys-on-the-floor so that two can play (she tosses toys at Blue, and he takes them and squeaks them; she hasn't yet gone on to take them back, but I'm sure this will come).

This may turn me into a morning person. We got up at 7 and walked on the beach and watched the sunrise. No going off the leash yet, but it was fun. I only got in to work at 10:25, but considering I had to return the rental car, brave the slowed-down-by-snow subway (with medical emergency on the train ahead), and go to the post office ([livejournal.com profile] raithen, your gift is on the way! finally!), it could be worse. I don't think I'll have problems in the usual way. Heartrending barking as I left the house. I hope he doesn't do that all day.

I did other stuff too, but that's what's occupying my head.
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Jen is back, and the number of dogs I am responsible for has halved. Thank goodness.

We actually got on pretty well yesterday evening. I got to John and Helen's late; both girls were ecstatic to see me and Tilde insisted she was starving! starving! Which may have been true as [livejournal.com profile] pariah_ink got stuck at work and couldn't come to feed her at her usual time. On the other hand her bowl was full when I left in the morning and empty when I got back. So. Hm.

We hung out in the back garden for a while and then walked home, getting tangled in our leashes and conversing in civilized fashion with a Wheaten terrier along the way. (A minor miracle -- Basta tends to bully dogs smaller than she is and Tilde is standoffish with dogs she doesn't know.) Neighbour asked, as they tend to, "Did you always have two dogs?" -- I think it's because they're actually kind of similar-looking, being mostly black and plumey, although of course rather different sizes and shapes. Then we watered the plants and enjoyed the evening and I made myself some dinner and we had a minor scuffle when I gave Tilde a treat to distract her from Basta's bone but didn't notice Basta was behind me when I did it. Oops. Then I sat on the couch and Tilde snoozed on the couch next to me and Basta snoozed on the floor next to the couch (she seems to be OK with Tilde getting special couch privileges on account of height, as long as they aren't abused), and there was great peace and contentment until Jen came in, at which point there was great rejoicing and tail-wagging and jumping up and down.

They're still very cute.
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So I am once again dogsitting Basta. The timing is poor, however, as yesterday Jen made one of her periodic trips to Montreal and I am also dogsitting Tilde, and John and Helen are in Europe. So last night it was me and two dogs not in their normal routine, and, well...

They are very cute. They follow me around and wag their tails whenever I say anything to them, but oh my. Tilde hasn't been eating much -- I think she misses Jen -- but she has eaten some of Basta's food and been quite interested in her bone. She and I slept in Jen's bed last night for a little continuity. Basta has peed on the rug (once) and pooped on the floor (twice, in two different places, luckily NOT on a rug). Grrr. She may feel she is not receiving enough attention. Took them both over to John and Helen's this morning, forgetting my coffee in the process (not that I could probably have managed two dogs, three bags, and a cup of coffee anyway...). Confined them to the kitchen and sunroom so if there is any more of this peeing and pooping business it will at least be easy to clean up.

Luckily Jen is back tonight, so Tilde will be happy and I can give Basta the attention she clearly feels is her due.
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch, Dan, John and I had cheese fondue and

Dan is drywalling Jen's middle room. John is wiring in first floor,
working around ducts. William had car trouble.

Vet called Jen and Tilde has pretty much been given a clean bill of

Cheers, Helen

Also, last night I met Jen and [livejournal.com profile] pariah_ink to see Inside Man
(not bad!). Jen gave me accounts and I gave her a preliminary Gantt chart
for the remainder of the project -- preliminary because we still have a
lot of stuff to arrange, like when to get the floor guys in and what's the
highest priority for us to tackle and how do we do all this on the money
we have left. All of which are going to be tricky. But I got to do a Gantt
chart, which always makes me happy.
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch, thinking of David I made an extra large
helping of udon noodle soup, with a splendid tempura side. My sister Jane,
Dan, John and I ate it. David had to stay home to finish a paper because
he spent much of yesterday looking after a sick cat.

(The small Tilde looks good, and not at all hangdog.)

Today, Dan is all by his lonesome. He has finished the drywall in the
second floor; waiting for William to tape and mud. He also cleaned up on
the first floor.

Cheers all, Helen.

Tilde news

Mar. 24th, 2006 10:08 am
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from Jen:

Tilde is doing really well! She doesn't seem to know that she's supposed to be convalescing at all. She has a bandage affair that looks like an undershirt made out of the purple self-sticky stuff that they use on casts. It means she can't curl up into a ball, but otherwise we're having a hard time keeping her from jumping off things, running up stairs, etc., etc. And apparently she doesn't have a big divot after all! The vet stretched together all the stuff underneath, so she won't have a dent -- yay!

The only difficulty is the pills. She managed to bite into one of her painkillers this morning and she actually shuddered!
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch Dan, John and I had sausage penne with Caesar

Today, William is going to a funeral.

Dan reports that Robin's middle room is almost done and the front room is
getting there. Dan also did minor clean up.

John went to Rona, again, and bought corner bead, ells, screws and tape.

Jen and I are picking up young Tilde from dog hospital at four.

Cheers, Helen

Tilde news

Mar. 22nd, 2006 01:48 pm
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Apparently miss T went in to the vet's this morning -- Jen said she seemed fairly calm, all things considered -- and they will do ultrasound to see if there's any cancer in her organs. If not, they'll proceed.

I'm hopeful.

(Edit: apparently the ultrasound was fine, she's out of surgery, and it went well with no problems, although the tumour was rather deep. The pathologist's report should be in by Tuesday.)
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My aunt reports:

Today, Dan, John and I had lunch at Gabby's.

Yesterday, William put up J-trim in the stairwells and halls. Today, he and Dan worked on the kitchen side of Robin's pass-through.

I'm afraid I kept my serf at home. Almost finished basic kitchen cabinet installation.

Cheers, Helen
Also my parents took William to lunch. A day of lunch.

I went to the Planet in Focus film festival annual general meeting with my parents. Also signed up to volunteer, in a rash moment. Sent an email enquiring about volunteering to the Factory Theatre, too. What is this sudden madness? I'm feeling very uncultured and antisocial and generally in a rut, is what I suspect it is.

Tomorrow is Tilde's surgery. Fingers are crossed for her.
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Good news: Forgot to mention that Tilde had her X-rays and blood work done and they came back clean. No cancer in the lungs or the blood. Most promising.

I think I will wander back over to the house and do some more priming, because really you can never do enough of that.
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My aunt reports:

Today for lunch, Dan, John and I had sandwiches: Reuben, and grilled ham and cheese, with pickle garnish.

I trust you all got exciting new pictures.*

John got 20 sheets of drywall, and worked on the beam on the third floor staircase.

Dan and John did dryall and drywall prep. The front room, second floor, is just about finished. Dan also drilled holes for lights in the front room.

John is on strike. Don't worry, it's the community colleges that are on strike. John doesn't dare strike for better wages at The House.

William was at the chiropracters. (I guess drywalling can do that to you.)

John and Dan entertained me at lunch with the plot lines of utterly depressing movies.

Cheers, Helen

*They're not exactly new. In fact, they're old, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] punmeister and [livejournal.com profile] bryghtboy. Admire the green awning! Shudder at the paint colours! Itch at the rock wool! Marvel at how far we've come!

I expressed concern about the 2-3 cm margin that needs to be excised around Tilde's tumour, and Jen said (well, emailed): "At least she's fluffy -- it will help cover the divot." Which made me giggle out loud at my desk.
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Jen's dog, little Tilde, apparently has a mast cell tumour. Could be benign or very, very bad. Here's hoping for benign -- she doesn't look or seem sick and the lump has been there for ages.

Anyway it's got to come out. Good thoughts are appreciated.


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