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For example: This is what I am looking at RIGHT NOW.

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Yes, I know I'm being frugal and everything, but my parents are going to France for 5 weeks and borrowing a flat in Paris for 2 of them and -- like Rome last year -- I would kick myself if I didn't go. So, yay Expedia (where I found the flight) and yay FlightCentre (where I booked the flight for $10 less) and yay Air Transat (which will be doing the actual flying)!

EEEEE I'M GOING TO PARIS! I haven't been to Paris in YEARS. And then it was only for 1 day 10 years ago, on my way to visit Jen in London. I'm due.

What should I do while I'm there?


Apr. 22nd, 2008 03:31 pm
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I think I'm actually ready!

Of my pre-trip "things to do" list, I haven't cut my hair, but other than that I'm all set. I have a small suitcase, with another bag in it just in case I buy wonderful things. Small yet versatile wardrobe. Euros. Camera. Passport. Ticket. In case of emergency phone numbers.

Have consigned Blue to the care of Jen and her parents. Am worried that he'll miss me, but am quite sure he'll have a perfectly fine time without me.

Am of course leaving a stack of things at work to get done when I get back. There Is Always More Work. Oh well, it's not for that long.
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I was not planning to go anywhere because I have very little spare cash at the moment. But my parents are renting a flat in Rome for a month, so how could I not descend on them? And what better use for all those Aeroplan points? (Don't worry, [livejournal.com profile] raithen, I still have enough to come visit you!) I thought I would probably end up kicking myself if I didn't do it. So I'm going.

I haven't been to Italy since Grade 12, which is officially more than half a lifetime ago (egads). And that was a guided tour. So any suggestions will be appreciated!
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With, I am growing increasingly convinced, a cold. It doesn't help, of course, that my office is freezing. Oh well. I'm fighting it off with drugs (I know the drugs only treat the symptoms, but you know what? I only care about the symptoms). And I may head home early.

While I was gone one of my colleagues left. Rumours swirl as to the Real Reason. I am sad, because he's a great guy to share an office with.

Vacation was lovely, I hope to have pictures to show off once I've installed the software for my camera. We'll see.

Am slightly bitter that the weather in England was so much better than the weather here is being.

Did I miss anything important?
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So I feel somewhat productive. My travel plans are inching along, but I just emailed several people about my plans for the trip (yours is there too, [livejournal.com profile] mrs_cake, with some extra).

Which are roughly as follows:
  • First weekend: arrive London Sunday Sept 23, go to Norwich (possibly via Cambridge) to see friends Lindsay and Scott.
  • Fly to Dublin for a couple of days to see [livejournal.com profile] life_on_queen.
  • Second weekend: Cornwall (possibly via Exeter), stay with friends the Carvers.
  • Pootle around Cornwall and the South Coast for a few days. My friend Carol has offered to drive me around Kent -- need to see if that's still on and if so when it's feasible.
  • Day or so in London at the end of the trip maybe possibly.
  • Fly home Saturday Oct 6.

As I say, this is very very rough. I need to figure out how to get places from other places and how much it will all cost. I'm looking to do some hiking and some gazing at Roman remains and possibly some castles.

So, dear flist, this is where you come in! Please help me plan my trip with this handy poll!

[Poll #1039115]


Jul. 25th, 2007 09:28 am
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Potterwatch: 167 of 3964. A bunch of people clearly haven't picked up their copies yet. Slackers. Also, there's a copy going begging on the Best Bets shelf at Alderwood branch! Nobody's touched it for 3 days! Get out there, people!

Tour de France: Vinokourov fails blood test, Astana out. This really disappoints me. While I'm not a year-round cycling fan, Vinokourov's Tour has been an incredible story of guts and determination after a bad fall early on. I'm dismayed to learn he was cheating. Dammit.

LJ: I thought work had finally blocked it because of my obsessive reloading. Turns out it was a power cut.

House: Jen and John rented something called an Oddjob, which is apparently of the awesome, and finished another row of blocks. Two partial rows left to go! Tonight: concrete floor. Then we can't work on it for two days while it sets.

Travel: I bought my ticket yesterday! England here I come. September 22-October 6. [livejournal.com profile] mrs_cake and I can go to the airport together.

Entertainment: Went to see Ratatouille again last night. SO wonderful.

Trainwrecks: Apparently Lindsay Lohan has bet she can take Becks away from Posh? Honey. Sweetie. Go back to rehab and CALM DOWN. We all feel bad for you.
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And we're back! My aunt reports:

Today for lunch, Dan went to Gabby's, John had a Chinese roast
pork sandwich* and I did dishes.

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I was quite excited
when I got home and discovered taps on the bathtub, but as it turns out
they aren't attached to anything. Ah well.

In self-improvement news, I went to the gym (briefly, as I was running
late, but better than nothing). Have started doing research for England.
It's all in a little baby Moleskine notebook. Very cute.

Bed gravity was very strong this morning. I think that is the downside of
making your bed supremely comfortable.

My parents should now be in flight. They'll be on Salt Spring Island for
the next 6 weeks. I shall miss them...

*Left over from New Year's. It was GOOD. Of course, all the food is
always good.
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I really, really want to go somewhere. Quite impractical as I haven't got any money and I DO have big mountains of debt... but I wanna vacation!

Am considering:

1. Trip out west in August or September -- I want to see [livejournal.com profile] raithen and H and meet JJ and Indie and see the rest of the gang, and I could totally do it on points, and I haven't been in years.

2. England next May (ish), either on points or cheap charter -- I probably can't afford it, but I have many friends and family there (some of whom are eventually going to move back to Canada, so I should go while the going's good) and I haven't been on a "proper" vacation (scenery! interpretive plaques! sleeping bags!) in quite a while and and and I just WANT to, dammit.

Can't hurt to do a little planning at least, right? Right?
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Six years ago today, J and I were in Dublin (it's also her birthday).

That was such a great trip. We planned it in about half an hour on a hot afternoon in London, and it's still one of the best vacations I've had. In its honour, I'm wearing my Irish grandfather shirt. (And sandals, which were a less good idea.)


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