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This is Wonderland season premiere tonight! Watch it if you can. 8 p.m. on CBC. If you haven't run into it, it's set in the courts at Old City Hall and is (mainly) about homeless people, drug addicts, criminals, the mentally ill, and lawyers. It's really good.

(I know John Doyle said mean things about it only this morning, but on the other hand he loves Desperate Housewives and hated Farscape, so make of that what you will.)
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My bitchy user feedback bore fruit! The Ceeb has updated its This is Wonderland page!

Oooh, with actual descriptions and everything. I'm very glad to learn that Zona isn't gone. I was worrying.

So consider this my first official pimpage of the year: Season 3 of This is Wonderland starts November 23 at 8 p.m. on CBC. You should really watch it. For many reasons, but mostly because it rocks.
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Just sent this. I feel much better now.

Dear CBC:

First, welcome back. I've missed you. I was very strong-minded during the lockout and did not watch or listen to CBC radio or TV, because that would have been Bad and Wrong.

But second, why are you trying so hard to make me so crazy? This Is Wonderland's official site (www.thisiswonderland.com) tells me that Season 3 is starting Wednesday, November 23 at 8 p.m. However, both your TV schedule and George Stromboulopoulos tell me that The Nature of Things will be airing in that slot now and forever, amen. Your This Is Wonderland page (www.cbc.ca/wonderland) is still showing information for Season 2. I watched Season 2. It was good. It started LAST JANUARY, i.e. 9 months ago if you're counting.

I love the show. It's a great show. I would like to recommend it to other people, but it would really help if I knew for sure when it was going to be on.

(And by the way, waiting until the Friday before the season premiere to launch a new site the way you did for Da Vinci's City Hall? Will not be helpful either.)

Much love,

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- Got the helmet column done. As always, turns out my abject panic was unnecessary -- chief editor and ghostwritee both liked it a lot. I wish I was a judge of my own writing. I still think I could have done better. On the other hand, I think that about everything I write, so there you have it. Squeaked through to publish today -- I'm embarrassed at how little time I gave the guy to review it.

- I am behind on almost everything else, but somehow I don't mind as much.

- My Amazon snark has produced results! More than I expected in fact -- all I really wanted was confirmation of my ship date and some reassurance that it wasn't, in fact, going to be May 11, 2006. This is what I got:

Grovelling )

- On a similar note, the This is Wonderland site admins finally got around to noticing the DVD was out. I tellya, fan sites are much more on top of these things.

- They also mentioned that CBC is going to be rerunning "selected episodes" from TiW Season 2 and I know scab TV sucks (TM [livejournal.com profile] pretentiousgit) and I must be strong but aaaaaargh.

- Working on the house tomorrow -- new regime for September!

- I really, really have to pack.

My aunt reports: Chicken and artichoke casserole, wiring, plumbing, all that good stuff )


Aug. 30th, 2005 10:00 am
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This is Wonderland DVD release in one week, and they had BETTER NOT be toying with me AGAIN. (My Amazon shipping details still say it's supposed to ship between May 11 and May 17. Ha.)

Showcase is screwing with me -- I finally get my act together to tape Slings & Arrows all on one tape, and what do they do? They don't show the last episode, of course. There will be an indignant letter.
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Cousin J just phoned to tell me she saw Cara Pifko on King Street. She couldn't place her at first (do I know her? should I say Hi?). Sounds like she handled it in considerably cooler fashion than I would ("OMG I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON! Also, that Alice finally got laid! Oops, that was my outside voice, wasn't it?").


Jul. 27th, 2005 02:28 pm
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I was getting worried, but Season 3 of This Is Wonderland went into production Monday.

Nice of them to FINALLY update us. Now, if they'd only get off their butts and finish producing that Season 1 DVD...


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