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I found out quite by accident this weekend that we can now see Veronica Mars on basic cable in Toronto! Sun TV (I know, evil) is simulcasting! We are no longer in thrall to the digital cable!

That's Cable 15, tonight at 9, in case you were wondering.

For some reason this is my only VM icon.
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So, um, hi. It's me. Still here. Thanksgiving weekend was great once it got started (which would be 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, as I had a class all day). Went up to the cottage, sat in the sun and read a lot, went for a gorgeous walk in the woods by myself. Did not contribute to Thanksgiving dinner beyond buying the turkey (it was a monster and, come to think of it, I didn't get any leftovers -- hmph). Although I did pick up some autumn leaves for the centrepiece.

I was sort of vaguely thinking that life would be calmer in the fall. It's not -- it's just a bit more regimented. As I explained to [livejournal.com profile] stilldeepwater yesterday, I currently have Veronica Mars on Tuesdays, Information Architecture course on Wednesdays, and choir on Thursdays. I also try to work, sleep, feed myself, buy groceries, exercise occasionally, and keep myself and my surroundings reasonably clean. In a really good week I manage to get one or two things done on the House. I'm having a little trouble staying motivated at work, but I'm doing OK -- better than I'm doing getting up in the morning, which is a challenge when it's overcast. A touch of SAD may be creeping in. At least I'm still managing to make myself coffee every day. (And I'm still sort of on top of my to-do list some of the time. All hail the power of the tiny notebook!)

At some point I also have to make those 10 Christmas ornaments. I got some books out of the library for inspiration, but haven't cracked them yet. Instead, I've managed to inundate myself with fiction (not that that's a BAD thing). My book policy changed, so anything I think will be a reasonably quick read I just ask to have sent to me right away. Which is cool but results in, um, 26 books out at last count. (Including Song of Unmaking, which I read in one sitting on Saturday -- well, not exactly, because I was outside and had to keep getting up to follow the sun around, but you know what I mean. I keep worrying about those covers though. I can't see her feet, and her clothes are so diaphanous that I worry her shoes match it and she'll get her toes stepped on. I'm having a hard time picturing Valeria in flowing white garments.) (Also Brave New World, which I may not finish -- I started skipping like mad, always a bad sign, and I think I've read enough to get the gist. I am bad, but life is short.)

I've also been going through a YA phase -- Maureen Johnson, Chris Crutcher, Meg Cabot. I don't think I read enough YA when I actually was a YA.

Work: slightly crazy, but I need the pressure, so it's all good.

House: continues, I need to spend some quality time with it. Jen's fridge is arriving tomorrow, finally. Shower continues temperamental. Overhead fan is installed. Washing machine still seems to be working. Updates have been fitful but I'll post them at some point. Housewarming II is November 18, for those of you in the neighbourhood.
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Happy entertainment news: Veronica Mars renewed (OK, not exactly news any more, but still happy)! Slings and Arrows Season 1 on DVD, finally.

Amusing entertainment news: Muslims to protest The Da Vinci Code.

Sad entertainment news: Three of the Festival theatres are closing. Fire causes $30,000 worth of damage at Ajax library.

Irksome non-entertainment news: Teacher told off for teaching theory of evolution in northern Quebec.
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After reading a review here, a comment there, something just went click in my head: I don't like heroes who mope. (I knew this already, but now I have three examples to support it!)

Take for instance:

movie!Howl, from Howl's Moving Castle
2005movie!Mr. Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice
Good Angel, from Buffy

They irritate me. Not that I have anything against moody, depressed, or even tormented fictional men (yummy!) -- I just prefer it if they, you know, actually have something legitimate bothering them. (I think I get to pick what's legitimate. No, a minor temporary setback on The Road To True Luuuurrrve does not count. And actually I'm not sure Angel should count in there -- he may just have been boring, tormented or not.) And I seem to like it much better if the brooding depression is overlaid with snark, at least most of the time -- see Veronica Mars' Logan. (The apostrophe means nothing. I'm still not certain about that as a 'ship. But I can certainly see the attraction.) Otherwise, somewhere in the back of my head, there's usually a little voice going "you want to brood? I'll GIVE you something to brood about!"

I think this extends to books too, although I can't call specific examples to mind at present. Possibly brooding goes over better on the page, where you don't have to watch it in real time and/or you can get some insight into the character here and there.

It is possible that I am just not a sympathetic person.
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Went by the house last night. Did not step on any of the refinished floors because I was afraid of doing them terrible damage. (Presumably I will get the OK to step on them at some point.) But I admired from afar, those I could see, and they are truly lovely and Jen's kitchen floor in particular is going to be incredible -- it's all these short (maple?) boards of varying widths, lovely colour, for which you would pay large quantities of cash money these days.

Perhaps we will put kitchens together this weekend.

Then went to A's to watch Veronica Mars. To which I can only say: eeeeee!
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[livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl, meet [livejournal.com profile] briasoleil. [livejournal.com profile] briasoleil, [livejournal.com profile] crankygrrl. Seriously, you two were meant to meet.
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CTV has updated its Veronica Mars page with the new showtime.

My enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that they managed to get the right day, but the wrong date -- Sunday is the 31st. Half a cheer, no brownie points.
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To pester CTV's Toronto station: 416-332-5000

Really, if they are planning to show something completely different instead of Veronica Mars tonight, they should at least mention it on their VM page, with perhaps an indication of when it's coming back.

Still no response to any of our emails, either... programming@ctv.ca, if you wish to raise a fuss.


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