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1. When I am queen of the world, cheap headphones that force everyone else on the streetcar to listen to your music will be outlawed.

2. Damn, it's windy.

3. CSI: New York's plots continue to get more ridiculous with every episode. And not in a good way. I got home from choir in time for the last half and spent most of it going "Dude!" Because what I wanted to say ) was too long.
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So, just in case anybody was unclear on this point, everything I said a couple of weeks ago about children and pets in hot cars? Also applies to 97-year-old women.* Although I think my basic Rule for Living ("Don't be a fucking asshole") also applies here.

I mean, really, people. If everyone just listened to me the world would be a much better place!

In related news, it is hot, and I am sleep-deprived and cranky and looking forward to a delightful day of smog.

*ETA: with the possible exception of the bit about the trunk
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To the writers and copy editors of the Metro and other newspapers, also anyone else who makes this mistake, I offer the following definitions (English words from the Oxford Canadian Dictionary):

1. cache: (n) a hiding place; a place, structure, or device used for storing food, supplies, equipment, etc.; the contents of a cache; an auxiliary computer memory from which high-speed retrieval is possible; (v.tr.) put in a cache.

2. caché: (Fr.) hidden. NB: This is not an English word.

3. cachet: (n) a distinguishing mark or seal; prestige; a flat capsule enclosing a dose of unpleasant-tasting medicine.

1 has one syllable. 2 and 3 have two syllables and do, in fact, sound pretty similar (although not exactly alike, as anyone who has spent long hours in an elementary French class learning to tell the difference between what an accent aigu, an accent grave, and an accent circonflexe sound like will tell you). However, WHEN YOU USE 2 INSTEAD OF 3 YOU MAKE THE BABY JESUS CRY. STOP IT. Just because it is French-sounding DOES NOT MEAN that it always needs an accent, OK? Lots and lots of French words don't have accents. Unless you are referring to the recent movie there is no need to use 2 at all. It's possible that you are working by analogy from "cliché", which does indeed have an accent, but really, they're just two words. Make an effort. (Or, as Amélie said, faites un effort.)

And while I'm on the subject, "latte" is an Italian word. It doesn't need an accent EITHER. If it did have an accent then it would be pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable, and it isn't. Stop that too, baristas.

(Edit: Also also: "Very" in French is spelled très, not trés. Yes, I know it's a teeny tiny distinction. No, I'm not going to get over it. It makes me twitch.)

In other news, best headline of the day, from the entertainment section: "Slug film flawed".
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(no. 2 in a continuing series)

...people who wish to use the word "criteria" will be required to know that it is a plural noun, and use an appropriate verb. The same applies to "phenomena".

The New England Journal of Medicine should know better.
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everyone will be forced to use "disinterested" and "uninterested" correctly.

Likewise "comprised" and "composed".

I realize that I have high expectations, which is why I'm warning you now.

On the off chance that Queen of the World turns out to be a rotating post, what will your edicts be?


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