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2011-12-23 07:45 am

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? by Rufus Wainwright (Musical Advent Calendar, Day 23)

Listen here.

Another confession: in general I am not all that fond of Rufus Wainwright. He's very talented but I have a particular horror of whiny tenors. And yet... I quite like this. Go figure. Apparently this song played a fairly major part in his rise to fame thanks to this Gap commercial:

We sang this for choir last year, which was fun; harmonies crunchy enough to be interesting.

Obviously we are sort of out of sync again. When I made up this mix it was a general holiday-season mix and New Year's seemed an important part of that.

Took the day off. Today I have some last-minute shopping to do, and I MUST set up my poor tree! How about you?

Get the full musical Advent calendar here. | What is this?
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2011-12-23 07:58 am


So... here I am. I'll be hanging onto my LJ account, but I hear a lot of my friends have headed over here.
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2011-12-23 09:00 am

I caved

I've set up a Dreamwidth account under electricland, so if you're over there, please let me know!
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2011-12-23 09:17 am
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Musical Advent calendar bonus: Ho Ho Ho Canada III

Oh hey, remember Green Trees Red Hearts from Day 15? There's now a third Ho Ho Ho Canada mix. You can get it over at the Line of Best Fit.