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electricland ([personal profile] electricland) wrote2012-01-12 11:38 am

Update from doggy day care

My uncle writes:

Your doggies are sweet...

When Robin brought them over this morning, she warned me that they were (surprise!) wet, so I cleverly closed the bedroom doors to protect the beds, and went to the computer.

A few minutes later, Tilde came upstairs, started scratching industriously at my bedroom door, and waited for me to open it when I came out of the study. When instead I took a towel out of the cupboard, she rolled over onto her back, waved her paws in the air, and cooperated completely in my efforts to dry her off.

Next thing I knew, there was Blue, nuzzling my shoulder, and wanting the same treatment. Of course, a little tug-of-war with the towel was part of that experience...

Now they're both sacked out on the floor, snoozing.

Sadly, no picture (yet).