Feb. 21st, 2011

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Feb. 21st, 2011 07:16 am
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  • Mon, 00:42: WHY is my Internet not working?
  • Mon, 00:45: Thoughts on the hockey game: 1. My, the Flames are stripy. 2. Colin Frasers who pronounce their name COLL-in FRAY-ser must be SO FRUSTRATED.
  • Mon, 00:47: Fine, Internet. FINE. Shall spend a peaceful unplugged evening without you. I can totally do this.
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Huzzah! The Internet is restored to me! (I unplugged the router overnight to let it think about what it had done. This seems to have done the trick.)

Jen is Out West in crunchy-granola-land, as is her dad and my parents, so the dogs and I are hanging out by ourselves. (My entire family has abandoned me. For Family Day. Hmph.) So far it's been pretty good -- it helps that this is a long weekend so I've been able to sleep in ever since driving Jen to the airport at a hideous hour Saturday morning. BLISSFUL SLEEP. This afternoon I plan to get dull but necessary things done, such as: cooking! Changing the sheets! Putting my laundry away! Cleaning all the things! (I'm not THAT crazy.)

Tomorrow: new office down the hall from the old office. My OWN office. With a DOOR OMG. Hopefully this will do wonders for my productivity, although I will miss having officemates.

Have succumbed to the lure of iTunes and am enjoying:

Brigitte Saint-Aubin, Les Reves a l'envers

Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK (as per [livejournal.com profile] heroineaddct's suggestion)

Thea Gilmore, Murphy's Heart - long story here, but I discovered her during a downloading binge at Christmas and have been very much enjoying her stuff.

There is a certain similarity about these three. If, like me, you enjoy the work of talented girl singer-songwriters, go to!
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Plans to Get Life in Order postponed owing to presence of dog on foot. Darn. Here, have a picture from last year:

sorry, a bit big )


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