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I cooked last night! Pasta with shrimp and zucchini and mushrooms and tomato. Delicious and surprisingly easy -- I've never cooked shrimp before. I'm eating some of it now.

And I just got back from an eye test so everything's blurry. I'm getting new glasses! First time in absolutely ages.

Weather seems to be recovering from its freakish descent into March. And hey, it could be worse -- at least we don't have floods or tornadoes. Hell, not even a smog alert. Life is good.
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No, see, when you get a cease and desist order you are supposed to cease and desist. That's what it means.

(No TTC this afternoon, apparently. Via [livejournal.com profile] toronto. Turns out my parents' house is 2.9 km from work, so I'll be hoofing it.)
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Dear TTC: You suck.

(My father drove me to work this morning. I CAN walk to and from work if need be, although it's farther than I really enjoy. This is No Good for people with longer commutes, though. Or for our air quality.)
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I am still coughing like the last stages of consumption, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly asthma at this point. Yay drugs.

Saturday )

Sunday )

I then went home and showered, because I was filthy -- plaster dust makes a wonderful styling product, but not for long -- and then went over to [livejournal.com profile] monkeycommando and S's for the Oscars. Which we all enjoyed. I did very poorly on my picks, partly because I hadn't seen many of the nominees and partly because I was going with what I wanted to win and not what I thought would win -- which makes a difference.

(Edit: Was mean-spiritedly glad that Pride & Prejudice got shut out of the awards. Although they did win my sympathy for Keira Knightley by sticking her next to Jack Nicholson, which I wouldn't wish on anybody.)

home again

Mar. 2nd, 2006 12:03 am
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I'm back. Tales of drywall both harrowing and heartwarming tomorrow. My entire respiratory tract is angry with me; I'm having a little trouble sorting out all the components, but I think its grievances include drywall dust, Tilde, and the beginnings of a head cold with sore throat. I'm trying to drug it into submission and we'll see how we get on.

Checked on work and am disturbed to see that we don't appear to have published today. Oh well, we'll sort that out tomorrow too.
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Friday, my aunt reports:

Today for lunch Jen, John, David and I had frozen pizza. Brian the Tile was invited, said he had another job, but asked to be invited again.

John did wiring--smoke and CO 2 alarms. It was very noisy. He went to the dump.

Dan and David did plastic plumbing. Dan went driving.

Jen sorted chaotic piles of stuff, and bought/picked up beer (vital) pendant lights for Rob's stairway, green tile for her bathroom and plastic plumbing bits.

Cheers, Helen
Saturday I got to the house around 11:30 so wasn't wildly productive before lunch, which was quiche and salad. My parents ripped up many floorboards (my dad is determined that one area of my floor at least WILL NOT SQUEAK, DAMMIT). After lunch Jen and I put up vapour barrier in my kitchen using the cool stapler that runs off the air compressor. Also, black gunk. The black gunk was a pain in the ass, although having watched a similar operation on the 3rd floor I don't think we were using the gun correctly.

Then we made some project plans using Bristol board and Post-It notes, which nobody but us will use, but I found it helpful.

Then I helped my parents with the floorboards, which took forever.

Then I went to [livejournal.com profile] monkeycommando's birthday party and was very dull company. Did I mention that it rained all day Saturday?

It went on raining all day Sunday, when I went up to the cottage with John, Dan, and [livejournal.com profile] pariah_ink to put the dock away. I must say that the chest waders have been a wonderful addition to this process -- I don't mind wading around in the muck at all now, although I did nearly get stuck at one point. My parents did not come, but sent chili.

Then we drove back to the city and I had a shower and sneezed all evening. I'm not sure if it was allergies or a cold. Today will tell. Unless, of course, it's more spores. I really would have liked to stay in bed this morning, though.
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According to Aunt Helen, stuff happened!

Today, we did not have lunch.

Dan stayed to work like a beaver refitting the supports around Jen's bathtub and building a little wall so that Brian the Tile could do his stuff. (John was off arranging to have his mother put in the slammer--which sounds absolutely charming--send me!).

Also, Dan and John covered stuff with plastic so that Wayne the Foam would not make too much mess. Wayne finished the first and second floors and has promised to come back to finish the basement headers (for those not in the know, these are the 3 courses of brick above the ground over the basement that constitute a serious heat loss issue).

Brian has finished putting in cement board on 2nd and 1st floor bathrooms.

Dry wall was put in the third floor.

This being Jewish holiday, David will be coming in tomorrow and next day. Yeah, says John.

The truck is in a coma. Not yeah.

Yesterday Jen and Robin found trim for doorways; green board was put in both bathrooms. Jen and Rob went to Rona and found good lights.

Cheers, Helen
And apparently my hosts' medicine cabinet came from the Home Despot. So that's good. I'll phone them and see if they still have it.

Vile, vile, vile smog day today. I stood on the Baldwin Steps next to Casa Loma and could barely see the CN Tower through it. Felt like getting a T-shirt made up to flash at all the single-occupant cars: SMOG DAY! PLEASE CARPOOL! (Actually I went through a number of more hostile variations, but thought that might actually get some results.)

Dinner with the parents last night, laundry, drove out to the Beaches to see Jen and Christine. 102.1 The Edge (I remember when they were CFNY, and were cool) was running the nightly poll: "So, Gwen Stefani just turned 36. Is she now... a cougar?" Did not run off the road. Did not phone to scream at them. Thought about it quite a lot, though. Grr.
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I am not at all sure I should have gone looking for this: Ontario air quality forecast map.



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